Download your data from Google using Google Takeaway

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October 26, 2011

We all are thankful to Google for the hordes of services they provide ranging from Google Search itself to Gmail, Picasa, Buzz and more. Lots of your data are in Google’s hands in the form of text or images. But sometimes, you might feel like having some of your data on your PC as well as a backup don’t you? For that very purpose, Google offers Google Takeaway, a service that lets you download your data scattered across various services from Google.

Using Google Takeaway is pretty easy. Go to Google Takeaway on your browser and you will see a list of Google services that you can download your data from. You have the option to download all data from these services or handpick the ones that you need your data from. Currently, Google lets you download your +1s, buzz, contacts and circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile, Stream from Google Plus and Voice. You can hit the Create Archive button to download all your data from these services. Or you can click on the Choose services tab to pick the services to download your data from. You must be knowing that Google Buzz will be stopped very soon. So, Google Takeaway can be used to download all your Google Buzz updates and the comments on them. Or you can take a backup of all your data from Google Plus.

Google Takeaway can be really handy if you desire to keep a local backup of your data from a range of Google services.

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  • Anonymous

    But what can we do with the data once we have downloaded it? There doesn’t appear to be any import options to re-upload it in to, say, another Google+ account or another non-Google service (to my knowledge).

  • S-Reg

    Went to Google Takeaway — selected all & created an archive, but where did my download go ? — I cant find it on my computer & google doesn’t say what the destination is. Can anyone help please??

  • S. Roy

    Good point. I hope Google is noticing this.