Easily create a custom About tab for a Facebook page using Fabooco

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November 11, 2010

Create custom facebook tab for fan pagesHave you ever been bemused by some fan pages on Facebook that are so well designed and beautiful? Well, they use a sort of programming markup language called FBML to make such custom designed tabs on Facebook. Most of the users on Facebook have no idea about FBML. If you want to create custom Facebook tabs without having to learn and write a single line of FBML code, Fabooco can be a wonderful choice.FabooCo is a Facebook application that gives you a WISIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor to spice up a custom tab on your Facebook page. First you need to authorize There are a couple of templates to choose from. Select on of them and edit it by adding pictures, editing text and finally publishing it.

The Fabocoo Editor lets you change the page background, font face, text color etc. and the changes can be seen instantly. You can also apply attributes like Bold, Italic or Underline to your text and justify it as well. To edit the text, just double click on it and begin typing. You can upload a picture to replace the default sample pictures. But you can only add upto two pictures. Well you can do a little trick by copying an image from another website with the help of your mouse and then pasting it. Right now there are about a half dozen themes by default on Fabooco. Just grab one of them and begin adding text, changing colors and some do basic workaround to make your Facebook page look better.

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