Embed SWFs easily using Embed-SWF

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November 3, 2011

How often do you need to embed a Flash file to a webpage that you’re creating? If you have experience embedding flash files, you must be familiar with the parameters that you have to deal with while embedding them. You need to mention everything from ground up, including width and height, quality or the Flash version required to play it. If you want to make embedding Flash SWF a breeze, you can give Embed-SWF a try.

Embed-SWF is a handy utility that generates all the necessary codes for embedding SWF files. The intuitive interface is designed so as to let you easily choose what parameters to use. It also allows you to use the lesser used parameters like seamlesstabbing or swfliveconnect. You can specify the dimensions, background color, Required Flash Player version and express install from the SWF configuration section and other things like Flash content ID, SWF Object js, Alternative content etc. in the HTML definition section.

You can also specify other parameters like play, loop, menu, quality, scale, salign etc. using Embed-SWF. Alongside that, you can define upto five Flash variable keys with values and then finally export the embed code for SWF. Embed-SWF can be really useful if you need to deal frequently with Flash animations and need to configure SWFs for embedding on webpages.

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