Explore old photos at Whatwasthere

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February 8, 2011

Don’t you sometimes wonder how the world looked like a hundred years ago. You must have seen pictures and Grayscale videos from ancient war times but that may not be enough. Whatwasthere is a website that lets people upload and tag photos from the olden days, the photos taken or collected by their ancestors. The website has a very user friendly interface and the photos can be easily browsed through the integrated Google Maps.

Whatwasthere explore old picturesThe website has been recently launched but a lot of pictures have already been added to the website. On Whatwasthere, Click on the Explore Photos button and you’ll see tiles of old images on the left hand side. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge the picture and you can hover on it to magnify portions. You can also view the photo details added by the uploader to their photos. Or click on the “Google Street View” button to go to Google Street view for the current location of the place in the picture. The Google Street View is integrated pretty well with every image.

You can begin adding photos to Whatwasthere by registering an account. Upload your photo and give the necessary details so that people may find it easily.Mention the year or the picture was taken and then map your photo appropriately on Google Maps. If Street View is available for the location, align your photos against buildings and other edificies on Goolge Street View.

Locating the pictures on Whatwasthere is easy. There are small icons dotted all over the embedded Google maps. Each icon shows a number which depicts the number of pictures concerning the place that have been uploaded. You can use the search box on the homepage of Whatwasthere to search for specific locations.

Whatwasthere.com is a very good approach to collect and archive old photographs and make them viewable to everyone.

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