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September 12, 2012

We need to find proper goods on the internet and we generally resort to classified sites.  If you are looking for a reliable classified website, OLX  can be of help. The website is categorized city wise(such as OLX Mumbai, OLX Amsterdam etc.) and is therefore ideal for everyone.

Classiifed sites are by and large, among the most visited sites on the internet daily. Well there is no dearth of such sites on the internet and one can comes across numerous sites for checking out products or services. But many a times, even after looking for hours, you might end up with nothing because of lack of proper product categorization and other factors. OLX is an extensive classified websites with its reach extending to numerous cities and countries around the world.

OLX offers an easy navigation and the website looks clean in terms of design and aesthetics. One good feature of OLX is that it allows a visitor to switch the city or country where they might be interested in finding something. The listing is then automatically updated according to the city.

The main sections are For Sale, Vehicles, Jobs, Real Estate, Community, Services, Classes and Matrimonials. Each section is further divided into multiple categories, each of which is laden with ads. But the search feature appears to be more useful that allows keyword based product search.

OLX is free for advertising. However, for advertisers looking for a featured posting, it also offers paid ads. The ads can be customized to will and can even be integrated to social networking accounts. This feature will surely help in leveraging the performance of the ads. Advertisers can start by signing up on the website which is mandatory for posting an ad. Using the login, advertisers can add new advertisements or edit/remove older ads.

The website can be a boon to job seekers as well. Their jobs section has a plethora of jobs in various categories such as accounting/financing, publishing, customer service etc. They can also sort the job by position type, i.e. full time or part time. The search bar at the top offers better options for job searching as it allows visitors to search directly by keyword and category. Furthermore, the jobs can be filtered by location which makes it easier to find jobs in a specific city or the city of residence.

OLX is available in 98 countries around the world and in 10 different widely spoken languages. With dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone, you can have increased accessibility as compared to other classified sites online. The website also has a mobile version so even from a mobile browser, the site renders perfectly well.

From selling second hand goods to advertising a job posting, OLX offers a platform for all. Also, for visitors in the lookout for best deals and services or part time and full time jobs, it can prove to be equally handy. If you are looking for a classified website that you might visit regularly, OLX can be a good choice.

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