Get more out of Facebook’s Like Button with Ingboo

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October 15, 2010

Ingboo Managing a fan page of your company on Facebook is really worthwhile as Facebook’s “Like” and “Share” features can bring you oodles of visitors with much ease. These social plugins are seen these days on many sites, especially the like button which is a hassle-free way of sharing items on Facebook with just a click. But the Like Button is just a One Time sharing function. Imagine if you could transform it into a connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on user interest; wouldn’t it be great? Ingboo, a very handy online utility that answers this question and helps you do just that.

Ingboo is transforming the social sharing landscape into a social web syndication model based on recommendations from the trusted sources. IngBoo has a Like tool which seems to be the easiest way for a website to integrate its feeds with Facebook via Like and maximize its visibility on Facebook. The new traffic as well as the return traffic to your website can increase immensely as Ingboo enhances interaction of readers with your site. IngBoo enables personalized Like connections, tied to tags, categories, topics or keywords that deliver ongoing updates to a user’s Facebook News Feed. Lets say for instance a reader may read an article on some iPad’s photo editing application and like it. So, when there are new articles covering the same topic, the reader will get updates on it. Therefore, publishers get genuine traffic while the users get the updates on the things they are interested in. The traffic to a website can thus increase by 25% or more.

Ingboo also has a WordPress plugin that is easy to integrate with your WordPress blog and works seamlessly with Facebook. Publishers can turn on the recommendations very quickly and easily using the IngBoo Like for Tags plugin. Ingboo’s WordPress plugin also has an Analytics which provides detailed insights on the Facebook’s Like performance in sending traffic to a blog.

Ingboo is a tool used by publishers but both publishers and visitors get benefited from it. As Ingboo is integrated with Facebook’s Like, it increases the Facebook Fan base via in-stream promotion of the Facebook Fan page. All in all, Ingboo is a powerful tool that can help you gain more targeted social traffic to your site and thus increase its Fan base on Facebook.

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