Give a custom background to your Twitter page

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May 24, 2009

What does your Twitter page look like? You must be using one of those themes provided by Twitter or have added your own background. But simply uploading an image for a background won’t look much impressive without adding proper elements in right places. Twitter just allows you to change the background image and the colors of the text. So, if you want a tool to design Twitter theme for your profile, you should go for FreeTwitterDesigner.

free twitter designer

FreeTwitterDesinger is a flash based online utility. It lets you create custom background for your Twitter profile. When you open up the site, you’ll be asked to select from one of 6 templates one of which is a blank one. Select any one of them and go ahead. Now you’ll see a full fledged editor for designing your theme.You can add text boxes, shapes and images. You can move the text and images as separate elements and resize them as well. You can add multiple images and place them freely. All the elements image, text or shapes that you add to your design act as separate layers. You can arrange these layers and change their opacity as well. Not only this, you also have an advanced option that lets you change the blending mode of the layer. With the tools in the lower right hand side, you can add border to the elements, add glow or a soft blur. Isn’t that cool?

In the left hand side, you’ll see options for choosing the colors for text and links. You can use these color values while modifying your theme in Twitter. After placing all the elements properly, you can generate the image and save it in your computer. Finally go to Twitter’s settings page and upload the image as your Twitter background.

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