Get mails translated to your language

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May 19, 2009

Sometimes you may get emails in other languages like Czech, Chinese etc. You think such messages to be spam and neglect them. But sometimes, you may also get emails of your interest in your Inbox that are not in your native language. Now if you wish to read such emails, you won’t have to go to Google Translator or Babelfish. Google Labs now has a new plugin that lets you get your emails translated without having to leave your Gmail.
To enable this gadget, go to Gmail Settings from where you can customize and add gadgets to your Gmail account. Now enable the “Message Translation” gadget and save the changes. This gadget automatically detects the language of the email and translates it to your default language. To translate an email, just click on Translate Message to: English (if your default language is English) at the beginning of your email. The cool thing about this translation gadget is that you won’t have to leave Gmail as the translation is carried on inline. If you want to change the default language, click on Change Language. This will take you to the General Settings page where you can change the default language.

You can also print the translated version of the email. To do this, click on the Reply dropdown and select “Translate and Print”. This will open up a new tab with the translated email and also gives an option to print it. You can also translate the whole conversation including the messages sent by you. For  this, click on “Translate conversation” at the right hand side. This will translate the whole conversation including the messages sent by you. This Gmail gadget for translating mails can be immensely helpful at times.

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