Google Web Elements for adding Google powered elements on your site

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May 29, 2009

Google announced Google Web Elements at the I/O developer conference. It lets you easily add various Google elements to your site. Google Web Elements allows you to easily embed a Spreadsheet, Maps or News Results to your site. Although these features were already available from the respective sites, Google Web Elements comes with an initiative to let people easily embed a Google Powered widget into their sites. For example, the Google news element was previously available through the news show wizard.

When you open the Google Web Elements page, you will see eight different types of gadgets that can be embedded to your site namely Calendar, Conversation, Custom Search, Maps, News, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Youtube News. Among the elements, the Conversation gadget from Google Friend Connect is really impressive. Through the conversation Element, visitors to a site can share their ideas and the conversation shows up not only on the original website but on any site that chooses to embed the conversation. So with this web element, you can easily add a miniature chat room to your site. Other elements are pretty much the same as they were already available from the respective Google Sites.

Anyway, Google Web Elements will make it a lot easier to embed maps, calendar, spreadsheets, conversation elements to your site.

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