Hi-Tech Innovations for Geeks

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July 4, 2012

Technological innovations have been happening in industries ever since there have been inventions. These innovations focus particularly on the improvement of products, services, ideas and technologies and hence, have no doubt contributed to the betterment of man’s life. As in the past, this year will also see some innovative ideas that is thought to be of immense help to not only computer and mobile industry but also to business, social networks and car industry.

Let’s explore more about some of the latest innovations here in this article.

High Resolution Displays

iPad 3

 iPad 3, one of the most anticipated  product from Apple is all set to be released with high resolution display of 2048×1536 along with a pixel density of 264PPI. The total number of pixel in this device will be 3.1M. The display of this device will be added with an A5X dual-core processor along with improved quad-core graphics capabilities to enhance its displaying capabilities. Hence, there are high chances for high resolution displays to be implemented on mobile phones and computers as well.
Samsung Series 9 desktop with 27in PLS (Plane Line Switching) panel uses a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. With this technology, it would become possible for these devices to hold not only super sharp videos and apps but also e-books. This desktop comes with 9 premium monitor and with a widescreen called the S27A970. Samsung announced this desktop model in the month of January 2012.

Predictive Technology

Predictive technology forecasts behavioural patterns for future by analyzing and discovering data of the past. This technology is widely used for marketing purpose. Amazon.com is one of the earliest online retailers to use predictive technology to predict consumer’s behavioural patterns based on online transactions made by consumers. List of merchandise is then put up for customers based on transactions made. DARPA’s proposed (TIA) Total Information Awareness system uses this technology to study for any suspected terrorist activities and also to avert possible attacks by collecting mass information about individuals. This new technology is used in other areas such as stock markets, study of weather conditions, epidemiology, traffic patterns and consumer behaviour as well.

Technology has no limits. Its growth is drastic and is dominating its stand in every field. Soon devices such as computers performing activities or duties for its customers will automatically record the requirement and intimate users about it. This is called as the predictive technology. The application of this technology totally depends on the type of business and is not specific. Hence, this technology can be used extensively however small the utility might be.

Ford is currently using Google’s technology to develop a navigation system to predict where you have to go during a specific time. This sort of prediction will use Cloud computing. Through Ford Sync, ford is already using cloud based services. Hence, we can expect a lot from this promising technology.


HTML 5 – the next version of HTML will have place for interactive content and rich videos. Although HTML5 is considered less efficient than Adobe Flash, it is actually the best tool for the automotive industry. The new Cadillac XTS sedan uses HTML 5 for its dashboard interface and hence does not require depending on a specific code base to design new apps.

Some of advanced features of HTML5 are

  • Improved code and semantics
  • Playback of audio and video without any Plug-ins
  • Local data storage
  • Faster mobile access
  • Cheaper developmental costs
  • Faster online data validation

Business Using Speech

Siri Technology in mobile phones

Technology that can understand your context and pass on message to others automatically will soon become a common tool used almost everywhere. Siri, the latest personal assistant developed by Apple can actually understand user’s context. The process is simple. You are only required to pass on your message to this tool for your message to be picked up. It then sends your message to a set of assigned people. However, you have to be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G signal in order to get Siri follow the commands for you.

Siri technology can,

  • Read out text messages for you just on an instruction
  • Fix appointments
  • Hold on call
  • View maps
  • Find for anything on giving commands through voice

Social Analysis

Social analysis is made simpler with certain tools that help you understand your position in business. Few tools like Sprout Social help one to understand his status particularly when you connect to others. You can know your follower status or your reputation on socialising.

Sprout Social tool allows you to,

  • manage teams, assignments and tasks without much difficulty
  • manage conversations easily
  • monitor performance of your brand and industry across social media and the web
  • easily engage with customers
  • effort measurement – of your analytics and reporting
  • deliver messages from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedln and Articles


thismoment tool


Yet another tool called the thismoment collects data from Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and others and shows how well your company is performing in business. You can thus be aware of your business status too.

Brand monitor, a platform for social media analytics and monitoring provides the followings benefits.


  • monitors social media conversation
  • tracks messages across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn, news, video, discussion forums and photo sharing sites
  • identifies influencers of your business or brand
  • provides analytical reports of volumes, voice, geographic distribution, demographics and sentiments

Storage Options for Business

While businesses are working hard to bring about cloud storage methodologies into them, several other storage techniques are implemented in industries as well. One such cloud storage is Apple’s Drop Box app which is free for users. This app allows you to store photos, videos and docs to be accessed on your iPad, iPhone and on the Dropbox website itself.


Drop Box


Features of Drop Box

  • Save all your stuff in this app and access them wherever you go
  • Share your photos and videos with others
  • Email attachments can be saved on Drop Box
  • View your photos offline by adding files to your ‘Favorites’

Another service called as the Huddle provides safe cloud based services by offering secured external access through the Firewall. This not only provides tight security but also team accounts and security. Huddle is available on Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

Few advantages of Huddle are:

  • Centralised data management system
  • Customization
  • Data security
  • Customer support
  • Guaranteed training for users


Data storage these days have become a tedious task as it is impossible for people to manage very huge data in the order of petabytes, exabytes and zettabytes. Such huge data is termed as Big Data. Hence, cloud computing is being implemented to tackle this situation with ease. However, thorough study of the current situation and availability of space are necessary to deal with crowded data systems.

Technology is here to create innovations. Hence, let’s wait to welcome more of such creations to make our life even more productive. Hearty congratulations to scientists behind these great innovations! Cheers!

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