How to check if your site is ready for WordPress 3.2

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October 16, 2010

The popular blog engine WordPress will release a new version of WordPress, namely WordPress 3.2 next year. But, the version will strictly require PHP version 5.2 and MySQL version 5.0.15 in the least. If your server doesn’t have PHP 5 support, you won’t be able to run this version of WordPress. So, is your WordPress blog ready for getting upgraded to WordPress 3.2? You can check if you blog is ready for WordPress 3.2 with some online tools.

PHP5Ready created by ithemes lets you test your server for WordPress 3.2 compatibility. It will help you discover if the Hosting server your site is installed on, is running version PHP version 5.2. It does this by checking the information returned by your server. You just need to enter the URL of your site and you’ll be shown if your site is ready for WordPress 3.2. In some cases, the tool isn’t able to find the PHP version by requesting the server. In such case, you’ll be given a zip file containing a PHP file(php-version.php) that you need to upload to ther root directory of your website. Then you can run the test again and have the results. This tool also gives you recommendations on how to make your server PHP 5 and WordPress 3.2 ready.

Wordpress Health Check plugin

WordPress Health Check plugin can also help to determine if your site is ready to be moved to WordPress version 3.2. Actually it can do a lot of checks on your WordPress installation, also showing the PHP and MySQl version at the same time. Upload the plugin and you’ll instantly get a message that will tell the PHP and MySQL version on your server and if your blog can be upgraded to WordPress 3.2.

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