How to create a website for free?

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September 5, 2012

Before we get directly to the topic of free website creation, we will ponder a little over it.

Sooner or later in any sphere of our life we feel the need or necessity of some changes, gaining new experience, knowledge etc. It can concern our every day life (e.g. apartment repair) and professional as well (e.g. getting new knowledge, developing ones own business).

It doesnt matter what needs we face, there are always at least two ways to satisfy them: do it all yourself (read – free) or trust it an expert for a certain compensation. For example, you can successfully cope with bathroom repair by yourself or you can find an expert and get the result without going into the details of the process. In the modern world of services you can trust even the search of a job for yourself competent people.

Differences between the variants “do it yourself” and “trust an expert” consist in two aspects:

  • how many and what resources will you spend on solving the task;

  • will you be 100% satisfied with what you get?

I hope the main point of the introduction is clear. Lets get now to the topic which is really important for us – how can we create a website for free?

Using the word “free” we mean money expenses because the process of website creation, whether it is free or paid, implies many other expenses: time, intellect etc.

If you are still interested in creation of a website for free, be ready to the fact that youll have to read some special literature, google a lot, learn new computer programs, find video or audio tutorials etc.

There are several ways to design a website for free.

The first one is to use special programs, the most popular of which are MS Front Page and Dreamweaver. These programs help us to create websites using html-tags, facilitating and accelerating the process. The mentioned web design programs are visual editors with the help of which we create the pages in html. There are, however, some disadvantages of this method – if you want to change something at the website youll need to do it by hand. That is why we do not recommend this method if you plan to create a big project.

The second way gives us the answer to the inquiry "create a website online": today there is a great amount of services on the Internet that will help to create a website for free. These are so called free website builders. To work with such online website builders, you dont need to be an expert in html programming. All youll need is your computer skills, desire and a little bit of persistence. There is a great variety of templates, functions, various modules etc. at your disposal. Many of these sites also provide with a free domain name and high-quality hosting. Besides free technical support is available. A few mouse clicks – and a forum, e-shop, portal or portfolio is done! It is all that simple!

If you are an advanced user and have some programming skills, you can use free Content Management Systems or CMS.

Well make here a little remark: from the point of view of zero money expenses you will be able to see the results of your website building only at your PC or on the Internet, but it will be located at free hosting with at least third-level domain name.

So lets come back to the content management systems. They can be free or paid. As the theme of our discussion is free website building, lets name the most popular free CMS:

  • Joomla – installation and mastering are easy enough, there is a wide range of functions and features.

  • WordPress – can be used for blogs and websites creation.

  • Drupal – is complicated enough in comparison with above mentioned, but contains a lot of add-ons, extensions, templates, plugins.

  • Phpbb – is a CMS for forums, contains a great variety of templates and extensions.

Thus it is possible to create a website by yourself. It is also possible to do it for free. There are several ways to do it, they are mentioned above. Which one to choose – depends on the purpose of the website.

But should you do it yourself or trust it an expert – depends on the fact if you are an individual person or a company/organization owner/CEO. The last, as a rule, appreciate their resources and require a certain result.

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