How to Empower Your Online Sales Team with A Crystal Ball

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November 15, 2012

Being an entrepreneur, most of us may have once played the roles of chairman, marketing director, sales representative and whatever blank spot that exists on your company’s organizational chart, all by ourselves. However, with time passing by, the business grows, and we will finally find that the company needs additional people to handle with specific jobs. One of the several ‘foreign aid ‘you’re likely to hire in the first place is sales. This makes sense because sales are the engine of most businesses. Without a direct increase in your bank account month by month, it’s unlikely your business will ever approach the next stage.

Yet sales is never an easy pitch. With hundreds and thousands of competitors in the market today, you need to give out a serious reason for the customers to buy from YOU, not anyone else. It is a tough war to fight through to get a place for your business. I’m lucky enough to learn a secret of how to be the winner in a sales war from the witches, and I’ve decided to share it with you guys:

Have you ever heard of stories about how witches scry for a war with their crystal balls? The best part I like about it is the ability to peak at the information one needs since this is exactly the same thing we struggle for in sales. Nothing can be more important to know more about your site visitors in online sales. The more information you gain about them, the better you’ll be able to speak to their needs and win yourself a deal. A witch’s crystal ball sounds perfect in this information collecting job, but the problem is, how many of you actually know where to find a witch these days? Good news: we now have something more accessible and reliable than a witch, that is, the live chat technology.

Many people I know still take their live chat software merely as a channel to exchange messages. However, the fact is, there’re a lot more features we could be taking advantage of, among which visitor monitoring & tracking tops the list. To win a war, an army calls for the ability to ‘see’, so does your sales team. The more your salesmen know about a visitor, the higher possibilities they’re going to build up a relationship and confirm a deal between a customer and your business. Below’s a simple list of 5 most important information fields you should try to include in your visitor monitor window:

ü  Browsing trajectory. This will help your salesmen find out a visitor’s preferences and interests, which then provides them a clue for the right recommendation.

ü  Searching record. This usually refers to two parts: which keyword a visitor searches for to come into your site and which keyword(s) he searches for within your site. Both of the two parts will help your salesmen better categorize your visitors.

ü  Chatting history. Similar to browsing trajectory, this is also going to get your sales team ready for what to do with the visitor.

ü  Geography. This one will be quite useful in sales and promotions related to areas. However, even it’s not a geo-based deal, at least the local whether can be a nice start of your sales talk.

ü  Contact information. An email address or phone no. will always be super valuable for ecommerce businesses. Though you may not have the chance to gain these information every time, do it whenever possible and make them part of your company asset.

It takes a lot of time and energy to stand out in the market today, and knowing one or two little secrets will probably help you go further. Take your time to test the secret with your business, and see if the magic works for you!

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