How to get the Feed of any Google+ user

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July 12, 2011

RSS readers still are loved by many even though a lot have ditched them for Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. Fans of RSS feeds can easily subscribe to the Twitter or FriendFeed updates of a user. Google+ is also gaining popularity as a very powerful social media platform. It would be really handy if you could subscribe to the updates from a Google Plus user using your RSS feed reader. If you want to subscribe to Google+ feeds of a user, you can do it using this tool.

Subscribing to RSS feeds of any Google Plus user is very easy. The Google Plus Feed URL will look something like this “”. The number at the end is the Google+ Profile ID. Just replace the number with the profile ID of any user you want to subscribe to and you’ll instantly get his updates in RSS form. You can then subscribe to the feed using your favorite RSS reader like Google Reader.

Thus with this tool from appsoft, you can easily get RSS feeds to subscribe to a Google+ user.

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