How to translate status updates on Facebook

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October 28, 2010

You comment on others’ status more often than you write yours. But you might have some friends who update their status in a language alien to you. So, you just skip them. You wouldn’t generally bother to copy it and head over to Google Translator for translation. Wouldn’t it be great to get the status updates translated on the fly? Facebook Translate Addon for Mozilla Firefox can help you do that.Facebook Translate is a very simple plugin that adds a translate option to any status update. After installing the addon, you’ll a have translate button for every status update or comment. By default, it translates to English but you can change it to any other language from the settings. You can change the language from Tools>Addons>Extensions>Facebook Translate. Select the language of your choice and click OK.

To translate any status update or comment, simply click the Translate button next to it. You can also restore it to the original form by clicking the Untranslate button that replaces the translate button after translation. The translation is carried out in a snap and totally blends with Facebook. You won’t have to reload the page either.
translate facebook status updates
Facebook Translate Addon uses Google Translator’s API (that has also been used in Gmail) for translation and gives translation options for all the languages supported by Google Translator. You cannot be sure if the translation is flawless as it is a computer-generated translation. Facebook Translate is a very helpful tool if you have friends who update their status in a language foreign to you.

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