Humans.txt generator

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June 13, 2011

Humans.txt files tell who is behind a website. Humans.txt is a text file stored at the root of your site that contains information on who are behind a website or say who have contributed to the development of a website. As Humans.txt is meant for humans rather than machines, you can write it in almost any format you like. But if you want to do this in an easier way, the humans.txt creator tool can be of use.

The humans.txt generator tool actually has some basic fields that are significant for inclusion in the humans.txt file. You can simply edit the names, twitter usernames, website URL etc. and finally download the humans.txt file. Once you’re done filling your information, you can download the humans.txt generated by the humans.txt creator.

You can also add ASCII art and details about the developer, designer, webmaster and SEO behind your website in the humans.txt file.

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