Identify web fonts with bookmarklet

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August 20, 2011

Web fonts are being used exclusively these days. Web fonts really bring more elegance and vibrancy to your website design. Sometimes you may come across websites using cool web fonts and may want to know what that font is. Fount is a bookmarklet that tells you the name of any web font on a webpage with a single click.

Fount is basically a Javascript bookmarklet that can tell you the name and styles of any font being used on a page. Just drag this to your bookmarks toolbar to install this tool to your browser. Now go to any page where you have seen some webfonts and would like to know their names. Click on the Fount bookmarklet and you’ll see an icon for the mouse cursor. Click on the piece of text that uses a certain font and you’ll instantly see its name towards the top right side.

Fount tells you which web font from your font stack you are seeing. Fount also gives the font size, font weight and style.

Fount is a small yet handy tool for quickly identifying web fonts or normal fonts used on websites.

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