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August 16, 2012

You must be familiar with image hosting sites like Flickr, Photobucket etc. Image hosting sites are becoming really popular these days and with the increasing trend in rage comics other sites like imgur are also gaining popularity. Running an image hosting website can take you some time to hire developers or even code everything down on your own. But for your convenience, there are lots of image hosting scripts that will let you to have a dedicated image hosting site up and running easily. If you want to run such a site and are looking for an image hosting script, Imagenuke can come in handy.

With ImageNuke, you can have your image hosting website without having to code anything. Image hosting is rising as a business for many. Some of the sites require you to login while others let you post on the fly without having to login or provide your personal details. This script allows users to upload images either way, its upto the admin to decide how it should be. Imagenuke has a bunch of features that make it a good option.

Imagenuke has a multi uploader option that lets you choose multiple pictures and upload them in one go. It is upto the admin to control the number of images that can be allowed for each upload. If you are a lover of drag and drop uploading as supported by most of the popular sites, imagenuke comes built in with the feature. You can allow users to select multiple images and drag and drop them to upload.

As on Imgur, users can be allowed to add a title and description to each image they upload.  This feature not only helps other users easily search images but also is a good feature from SEO point of view. After uploading images, users get direct URL, or embed codes in HTML format or BB-code to share or embed them. This script also comes with the necessary social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking websites.

If you are a bit of a coder yourself, you can play around with the script as 100% of the source files are unencrypted. You can customize the code to your will. The administration area lets you define all the options like number of images allowed per upload, maximum file size for an image etc.

If you are planning on starting an image hosting service without having to code much, Imagenuke can be a good option.


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  • Reservo

    Hi, May I recommend Reservo as an alternative. It is an image hosting script that allows you to create your own image sharing site.

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