Try FixMyMovie now…It is shutting down on 31st December

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December 22, 2008

Since the time cameras with video recording capabilities were introduced into mobile phones, a lot of people have begun using them for capturing some precious moments on the go. But before the revolution in the mobile video technology hit the scene with high resolution camera phones, users were relying upon those low quality ones that captured extremely blurry movies with ragged details. It can also improve those fuzzy on screen recordings done at a low resolution.

improveyour videos A very useful site called FixMyMovie provides a service for improving videos free of charge and many people have been benefited from it. But the site plans to shut down the online service on 31st December 2008. So act fast and at least don’t miss to try out this great site.

Actually FixMyMovie uses the technology developed originally for Forensics. The company behind this MotionDSP is actually funded by In-Q-Tel, the Central Intelligence Agency’s arm. The site is free to sign up. After you sign up, just upload the video you want to fix and with the click of your button, it will improve your video. After you upload the video, you need not wait for your video to be processed. When the processing is complete, you will be sent an email notifying about that. You can preview the first ten seconds of the video and a compare button will let you see and compare the original and the improved video versions. It accepts almost all kinds of videos and after the process is complete, you can download it on your computer in formats like WMV, QuickTime or Flash or share it on your blog or website.The video after improvement holds a lot more detail. What’s more astounding is that blurry texts which just appear as daubs originally, change into legible words or sentences. Isn’t that great?

Now the service is planning to go offline and is working to launch a desktop application for the same purpose which is code named Carmel. “We’re shutting down on December 31, 2008. In its place, we’re launching a new Windows desktop application, code-named Carmel, which will be released in the first quarter of 2009,” said MotionDSP, in an e-mail to its site members. The company has said that in Carmel one will be finding more options to fix videos than on and advanced video processing will be enabled. So, sign up for the service and and see how you can improve your videos with it.

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