IPad/IPad Mini – why is it the best for online gaming?

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February 14, 2013

Mobile gaming is huge in modern society, moving previous-generation gaming devices around was impossible, but now with the invention of the tablet it has become the normal thing to do. Leading the pack is Apple’s iPad range, but why are they the best for online gaming?

The iPad tablets are essentially portable computers that are capable of extremely difficult tasks; this is down to the advanced technology found within the iPad range. The dual-core processors mean that iPads can handle almost any task put in front of it, which is essential when playing online games such as poker that require constant attention and no lag. Both of the current generation iPads can handle 1080p video recording and have a battery life of up to 10 hours, meaning those intense gaming sessions can last as long as you do. Constant internet connection is really important to those of you that like online casinos, but you can feel safe with your iPad knowing that the Wi-Fi technology inside it is twice as strong as the last generation. You can also pay a bit more for cellular connection – this is basically like having an internet connection anywhere! So you can play your favourite online casino games from http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/ on the bus, in a taxi, in the park or simply relax in your house and connect it to your TV using the ‘airplay’ technology. This application will allow you to connect your iPad to a HDTV; you can then stream your favourite videos, music and more importantly games. Developers have been working hard to take advantage of this technology and have come up with dual screen games that essentially use the iPad as a touchscreen remote.

This kind of cutting-edge development has always centred on Apple products because of how easy it is to optimize applications for iPads. This means you can purchase the ultimate portable gaming device and be confident that you will have access to all the best games.

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