Keyboard heatmap

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October 14, 2011

Do you ever wonder which letters you type the most on your keyboard or simply put, what keys you hit on your keyboard the most? This largely depends on your language and the type of text. Generally, the most number of strokes are concentrated towards the center of the keyboard. Would you want to visualize the keyboard heatmap while you type a certain piece  of text? Well here is a cool keyboard visualization tool. The keyboard heatmap tool by Patrick is a really cool tool that lets you visualize the character distribution of texts on your keyboard while you are typing. Just open up the tool and start typing anything that comes to your mind. Just beneath the text box, you will see a virtual keyboard with an overlay of a heatmap based on your strokes. The keyboard heatmap highlights the portions of the keyboard that are used the most in red. It turns out that, in a normal English typing, most of us are bound to have the letter E as the most used key on the keyboard. This is in agreement to the fact that e is the most used alphabet.

You can also customize the tool a bit. You can pick a fingertip size, a heatmap gradient and the keyboard layout, whichever seems convenient to you. You can also see some of the keyboard heatmap samples for dummy text like Lorem Ipsum. This online tool is a good one for visualizing your keystrokes.

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