Mailnesia a handy disposable email service

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June 16, 2011

There are lots of disposable email services available on the internet. Every disposable email service has their own list of features. The main purpose of such services is to read emails without supplying your real email address, to protect your anonymity in social media sites, forums, blogs, to protect yourself from spams etc. Mailnesia is one such disposable email service that has a lot of features like HTML support, RSS feed for mailbox and more.

Mailnesia has a handful of features that should be in a disposable email service. Mailnesia lets you subscribe to your disposable inbox using RSS reader as well. For each inbox, you’ll be given a RSS feed link to subscribe. Whenever you get any email, you can directly read it using your RSS reader as well.

Another good feature is the automatic link verification and activation. Mailnesia automatically looks in the body of your email for any registration/activation links and visits them automatically. This feature will save you a lot of time if you need to sign up on web services a lot.

Like the popular disposable email service Mailinator, Mailnesia also provides inbox aliases. With aliases, your Inbox will remain private if you choose a fairly difficult name to guess for your email address. You can assign any alias for your inbox if you don’t want others to read the mails landing your inbox, you can simply provide them your Mailnesia alias and then read the emails coming to it via your original Mailnesia ID as the inbox will open only with the original ID, not the alias. On Mailnesia, you cannot change an alias once it is assigned. However if you inbox is empty, the alias can be reset once everyday.

Mailnesia also supports basic HTML tags like bold, italic etc. Besides that it also supports message encoding, Custom mailbox aliases, RSS feeds for inbox and automatic registration activation make Mailnesia a good choice as a disposable email service.


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