MSN Visualizer – A visually appealing music showcase

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January 30, 2012

Ever wanted to enjoy music while watching beautiful handpicked pictures? MSN Visualizer, does just that for you. It is a music showcase app developed by Swiss design house Hinderling Volkart. The app pulls pictures from Flickr and song lyrics to render music videos for a group of tracks. The lyrics for the songs are shown on the screen word by word and they sync perfectly with the song. MSN visualizer is much similar to the Metro UI found on Windows phone. Each word of a song appears in their own tiles while the window automatically scrolls down to the subsequent page of the lyrics. The tiles produce words from the lyrics as we move the mouse over them. The image is pulled from Flickr in a random manner. So, you will get a different image, each time you fire up a new song. The portions of the image also occupy the tiles on the screen.MSN Visualizer

The application currently features songs from Ninja Tune Label. You can also setup your own message that will be added to the music. It would have been great if the app let you save the music along with the animated live tiles as a video. All in all, MSN Visualizer is a great app to play with for audiophiles of all kinds.

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