Now call phones directly from Gmail

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August 26, 2010

Gmail has unarguably become the most user friendly and feature packed email service out there. The handy plugins developed by Gmail labs, the Voice and Video chat feature etc. are all very popular and have somewhat become a part of our lives. Gmail with its ever increasing array of new and useful features has recently rolled out a very handy functionality, the “Call Phone” feature. This lets you make a call to normal phones with the aid of your headphone and microphone.

Yes! Now with Gmail’s Call Feature, you can call any phone on Earth from your computer. You can enjoy totally free phone calls to any phones in US and Canada till the end of 2010. For other countries, you can make calls at a fairly reasonable rate. The rates can be seen here.

Actually this feature is a mere integration of Google Voice into Gmail. When you login to Google Voice, you can see all the calls you made from Gmail in the chat history. The call history can also be viewed directly from the dialer window.

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