Online OCR Service

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May 15, 2009

You must be familiar with the acronym OCR. OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. It is the process of recognizing texts in a scanned image by a computer. Actually OCR software are very useful and there are lots of them. OCR is also available through Microsoft Office Document Imaging. But you might not get a software anytime on your demand. What if you get to use OCR service online for free?
Online OCR is a very useful site that lets you extract text from your scanned documents. No sign-ups are required to try the service. But there are limitations if you do not sign up like if you use the site as a guest, you can just get the first 500 characters of the output text and can only convert text in English. So, I suggest you to sign up as you can do it in a snap. After you sign in, you will get to choose from a set of 28 different languages. This list consists of almost all the languages used widely. Next to it, you can find a list of output formats for you text file. You can have it in PDF, XLS, HTML, DOC, RTF or .TXT. Just go ahead and upload your scanned document. After you upload, enter the Captcha code and click the button Online OCR. Now it takes some time for processing and finally lets you download the file in your desired format. The great thing about this tool is that it also maintains the formatting while it outputs the file making it easier to read your document. That means, you will get the text with the original line breaks and spacing.
So, Online OCR is a great site for converting your scanned documents to text online.

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