Online text encryptors

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May 9, 2009

Encryption is basically a process of transforming data (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except for those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The encrypted information or the ciphertext is the end result that can be changed to the original form using decryption process (the reverse of encryption). Encryption has its wide use when it comes to transferring data securely. It is used for protecting information on many kinds of systems.

Well you can also use the methods of encryption for ensuring security of some of your vital documents or emails. You can get a couple of softwares to download that help you encrypt text. But there are some services that let you encrypt text online. They are handy as you can use them on any computer with internet connection without having any software installed. offers you a free online text encryptor. This is a very advanced one as it gives you a lot of options. This flash based application can both encrypt or decrypt. It lets you choose any encryption method like AES, BlowFish, 3DES, RC4, XTEA etc. You can select the mode (CBC, CFB, CFB-8), key format(Text, Hex, Base 64) as well. The application lets you Generate 64 bits to 256 bits of key. After adjusting all the settings, you can go ahead and click Encrypt and you text will be encrypted. You can email the encrypted text directly from there. You can also decrypt the cipher text by choosing encryption method that was used to encrypt the ciphertext.
Another online text encryptor called Crypto also lets you decrypt or encrypt text online. This is a Java based application and requires Java Runtime to be installed.  But this provides you with lesser options than This also lets you encrypt or decrypt both. You can adjust the shift values and choose a method for encryption from Caeser, Key or Pseudo-DES.
These online text encryptors can be of a great help if you want to send secure encrypted email on the fly or encrypt any text without installing any software.

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