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How to know if the recipient opens your email

Email Oracle can be the perfect tool if you want to track email opens. Email Oracle as of now is available for Gmail users only. It is downloadable as a Firefox addon. After you install it, you’ll need to authenticate it for integration with your Google Account. When this is done, you’ll find a “Tracked Emails” link on your Gmail navigation. You’ll also see an Email Oracle Dropdown towards the top of Gmail’s interface.


Internet Explorer 6 crash emulator

Internet Explorer is one of the most used browsers. IE6 still has the largest number of users as compared to the users of other browsers. But with the dawn of the latest browsers IE6 has become more or less obsolete these days because of its lack of features and repeated crashing.


Create an online store with Vendder and sell products online

Do you want to sell things online from your own website? Creating online site can require professional knack for things just about necessary. But with Vendder, you can create your own online store and sell your products from there. Its very easy to create categories and subcategories for your products and the interface is very user-friendly.


5 ways to view documents online without signing up

Documents are shared generally in formats like PDF or .doc over the internet. Generally we all have standalone software like Acrobat reader for viewing PDFs and Microsoft Word for viewing and modifying word documents. But, documents on the web can also be viewed on your browser without having these software installed on your computer. Here are some options for viewing documents online or in your browser without installing any of these. Moreover, these don’t require sign-ups either.


Start a conversation about your content with Sharebacks

Sharebacks is an online service that will help you start a conversation on Facebook regarding any of your content and show it on your website. Integrating Sharebacks will keep your visitors more engaged in your site and they can give their own insights and share media as well. Sharebacks is the best option to enhance interaction in your blog.


Vectorfinder – A one stop place to look for vectors

There are plenty more other places to search and buy off the vectors. So, generally people would end up searching through a number of these sites until they find the suitable one. Searching vectors through Vector Finder spares you this trouble by pulling the designs from the major stock vector websites and letting you search through them from a single place.


Google’s URL shortener even shortens URLs, previously shortened via other services

Google’s URL shortener was introduced last December as a part of Google toolbar and Feedburner and there wasn’t a direct way to shorten URLs via this service, like the Facebook’s URL shortener was then integrated for most of the popular services from Google including Picasa, Blogger, Maps etc. A few days ago, Google opened the URL shortener for everyone, i.e. you can open up on your browser and shorten any URL on the fly. But accepts links previously shortened through other URL shorteners as well which is uncommon among other URL shortening websites. Like if you take a link shortened via and insert it into the shortening field of, it still accepts it, unlike other URL shortening services which mark such practices as spamming.


Twitter theme designer for the New Twitter

You can customize Twitter profile background by selecting a well designed image that fits in your Twitter profile page and that best suits you. Have you been wanting a new Twitter theme design? Colourlovers has brought forth a Twitter theme design tool called Themeleon for the upcoming New Twitter.


Beautify your CSS with ProCSSor

The outlook of a site mainly depends on its CSS. But the CSS itself can be made to look colorful and elegant. ProCSSor is a great free service that can add bells and whistles...


Some Useful Google Subscribed Links

Google is undoubtedly the big boss in the Web Search Engine scenario. Google has been making the internet search more easy and user friendly every day. With instant search, Google has taken a leap which keeps it much ahead of every other search engine. Google has a plethora of preferences for tweaking the search results. The Search settings lets you handle options like filtering for adult content, showing results from selected foreign languages and so on. Subscribed Links is also one of these. Subscribed Links let you customize Google search settings so as to show particular results from the sources of your choice. Here are some useful Subscribed Links, the results from which can directly be shown within your Search Results.