Photosketch-Internet Image Montage

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October 7, 2009

Everyone’s not an artist and when we see a realistic looking painting we exclaim a “Wow”. Generally artists first create an outline of what they are going to paint and then embellish it with colors and shades. But Photosketch Internet Image Montage is such an application which gives you a complete realistic picture after you draw the basic object sketches and label them.

When you draw your basic shapes of items like house, dog etc. Photosketch searches through the internet for the images taking into reference your labels to the items. Then it filters the images that it gathers via the web as images that come upfront might not be appropriate for your picture. Photosketch Image Montage then  clusters the images and then discards the unusual ones. Then it filters with respect to the contour of the sketch. When it gathers a handful of suitable images for each of the objects in your picture, it starts evaluating the images and makes a couple of montages. Then the user can choose one among these.

The processes involved in generating the final montage are listed below.

● Internet Image Filtering
● Discard Saliency Regions with complicated background
● Grab cut refinement
● Discard saliency regions with complicated backgrounds
● Shape Matching
● Feature space clustering and so on.

The developers claim that the experimental results have been quite successful but the site isn’t ready yet for a full fledged launch. The site is based in Singapore. Hope Photosketch Internet Image Montage will soon be available for everyone to use. Well watch this video.

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