Search collaboratively with your friends using SearchTeam

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March 16, 2011

Search Team collaborative search systemThe internet is vast beyond what many of us believe and through the advanced search engines, one can find detailed information on the things he wants to learn about. Still, you may not find the most appropriate result even after spending long hours on the internet. In that case, searching collaboratively with a friend or a group of friends can be a better idea. Search Team is an online application that lets you search the internet with your friends and see the combined results in realtime.

With SearchTeam, you can work together with your friends or coworkers and begin your hunt on the web. You can login using your Facebook or Twitter account or sign up for an account. When you start your search, you create a search space where all your search data is saved. The best search spaces are made viewable to everyone.Moreover, you can also organize your search spaces into specific folders.

You can invite your friends to join you on a collaborative search. You can choose one from your contacts or invite people via emails. You can also set the privileges for the people you invite specifying if they can only view your search space or also edit them.

If you want to do an extensive search on anything with your friends or peers, SearchTeam is the best search tool available.

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