Send proposals and track them with Quote Roller

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March 23, 2011

Quote Roller Send and track proposalsHow often do you send proposals to your clients and how much time does it take? I bet there are times when you are so done with copy-pasting and formatting that your work is not fun anymore. If that is a case, then newly released service Quote Roller is definitely something you need.

Quote Roller is a software application that helps to optimize creating and sending the proposals to your clients using the Internet. Quote Roller can be a great time saver. To create a proposal you just need to select the name of the client, choose products and their quantity from the catalog of your products and send it out. You don’t need to check the never-ending emails with the follow-up on the terms of the proposal; just post your comments right there and discuss it with your clients.

With Quote Roller, you can save time on your routine work.  Quote Roller facilitates the process of sending proposals and more proposals can be processed during the day. Quote Roller also helps you track all your activity regarding proposals. You can see the number of proposals sent, their types and also see if they were viewed, declined or accepted by the receiver; much like tracking email opens. Moreover, you can take a glance at the statistics of all sent and accepted proposals.

Once you sign up for Quote Roller, just enter your basic details and you are ready to roll. Fill your profile and add the companies you’ll be sending your proposals to. Add your products, their quantity and the price as well. Finally review your proposal and send it to the respective clients.

Quote Roller can be a handy application for people and companies who regularly need to deal with proposal sending and tracking.

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