Share your localhost using Localtunnel

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June 13, 2011

While working on a website, it is wise to test it first on a local server before uploading. With popular CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla etc, setting up a website is fairly simple and many people test them directly on the server. But if you have to hard code everything from the scratch, it would be better to test a website first on the localhost. So what if you want to show your localhost to the world? With Localtunnel, you can share localhost on the internet. Localtunnel lets you share localhost webservers on the internet. After setting everything up, you will be given a URL that will let others access you Localhost over the internet. Localtunnel uses RubyGems; therefore you should first install RubyGems on your computer and then install Localtunnel. You will then have to run your local web server on a port say 8080 for instance. You will have to point to a public SSL key while running localtunnel for the first time on your computer. If you are running Apache through port 8080, you will get a message saying “Port 8080 is now publicly accessible from” when the setup is complete. You can have the full readme file for the setup on Github.

Localtunnel is a great online tool for sharing localhost on the internet.

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