Somoto Review

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June 27, 2012

The more you interact with your customers or potential customers, the higher the probability that you can convince them that you have something that they need. The Somoto Toolbar has been developed with social media at its heart but an extensive set of additional functionality at its core.

Given that it is perhaps the first toolbar to be developed with a target market of for those who believe that there life should be short and tweet or for who the word “Like”sends their pheromones into overdrive,  the Somoto Toolbar should have the same effect as waving a red flag at a bull. But we are talking here about attracting a whole herd of bulls.

Now assuming that you could bundle and brand your software with a toolbar like this and assuming that the toolbar performed as expected, then logic would dictate that you would possess a pretty powerful tool for achieving your aim of attracting customers, keeping them entranced and profiting from this loyalty. Well, this is pretty much the proposition that Somoto is offering and it is a very compelling offering indeed.

It is easy for developers to brand their software with Somoto and profit when adoptees of this toolbar use its functionality to access your program. You can use the toolbar to bring your application to the attention of users and once they have tried the application you can customize the toolbar to feature links to full versions of the application or your other product offerings. Either way, your potential for profiting from the Somoto Toolbar is excellent.

The toolbar is free, not only free of cost but also free of spam, adware, or spyware – yet another compelling reason for users to download it. And, of course, the download is 100% safe.

Partnering with Somoto by joining the Somoto network helps you build traffic and sales from your online business. Additional tools developed by Somoto, such as Facesmooch, Filebulldog, and that provides users a real-time search for the best deal available online and assists you in building a community of loyal users.

You can use the toolbar by Somoto Inc to attract additional revenues from advertisement sales and ad click-throughs. The Somoto Toolbar is not just another toolbar to clutter your browser. It serves multiple purposes – a tool to help developers profit from their software or applications, build brand equity, attract a like-minded community, and even allow you to browse… and delivers on all fronts.

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