Sproutbuilder-Create interactive flash widgets online

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November 26, 2008

Now you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer to bulid basic flash contents for your website. Sproutbuilder will make your work easier than ever before if you intend on building some useful flash widgets. Stuff that are created on Sproutbuilder can be placed on your blog or your website very easily.

Sproutbuilder is an online application bulit with Adobe Flex. It lets you add images, jukebox, videos and voice to your flash widget very easily. It also allows you to add some general items into your flash like button, calendar, dropdown etc. Thumnails, Slideshows, Timers etc. are matters of a few mouse clicks. If you want to add some real-time data, you can use sproutbuilder all the same for adding GoogleCharts, GoogleForms, Yahoo Maps, PollDaddy and even fetch feeds from blogs or anywhere etc. You can start building your flash widget from the scratch or select a template and add components later.

Drawing Tools are very easy to use like in Flash and the components can be edited very quickly. You can add shapes like lines, Rectangle, Circle, Stars etc. and transform them via transformation handles or through the transformation palette. Adding text, managing their sizes, kerning etc. and other advanced options are also available. It has some of those handy features available in the powerful vector editing software like Illustrator CorelDraw etc. You can select multiple objects by dragging the mouse around them, align objects to the center, right or left, arrange the depth of objects and also lock or unlock them. Setting opacity values, filling objects with gradient etc. can also be done with ease. A panel located at the bottom lets you manage the pages. You can add pages, delete or rename them and also add basic transition effects like fade, wipe right, wipe left etc.

You can add a button to your flash widget by dragging one from the components panel. You can edit the properties of the button like color, text on the button, hover effect etc. Managing links is made easy through “Links and Tracking” Palette. And if you want to track your working history, and edit them later on, you can use the history palette.

Overall Sproutbuilder is a very easy and powerful tool for creating interactive flash content for your website. Watch these instructional videos on Sproutbuilder and and learn to create interactive flash for your websites.

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