Scrabbly – A Massively Multiplayer Online crossword Puzzle Game

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October 30, 2010

You must have played simple crossword puzzles on Newspapers as kids. How about playing some Crossword game online, and that too in a multiplayer mode? is a multiplayer crossword game website that is similar to a popular board game. The beauty of this thing is that, everyone playing the game would be playing it at the same time on a single large Board. Everyone sees the tiles from others in real time as they play.Massively Multiplayer Online Crossword is created using HTML5 WebSockets and can be played on all modern day browsers that support HTML5. It is written in jQuery. The rules of the MMO game are very simple. Just start by bilding onto any tile and then continue to play your own words. You can play until you run out of lives and keep earning points.

On the top left hand side of crossword board, you’ll see a map of the whole board and your position in it. It is helpful for knowing your position on the board. can be fun if you love crossword games.

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