Start a conversation about your content with Sharebacks

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October 4, 2010

Want to drive more traffic to your website and indulge more people in it? Sharebacks is an online service that will help you start a conversation on Facebook regarding any of your content and show it on your website. It can help to increase traffic to your site like the Facebook’s like button across sites does. Integrating Sharebacks will keep your visitors more engaged in your site and they can give their own insights and share media as well. Letting visitors to add comments through Sharebacks is the best option to enhance interaction in your blog.

Once you sign up for it, you can have a lot of options to integrate Sharebacks in your blog. Sharebacks is available as a WordPress plugin as well. Besides, it also provides a fully compatible code for embedding in Blogger or Tumblr as well. Or, there’s also an option for a custom script which can be embedded into just about any webpage.There’s also a share button to share your content on Digg, Stumbleupon etc.

share content with Sharebacks Sharebacks also has an analytics tool to monitor how people are interacting via Sharebacks. You can see stats for both Registered and Unregistered Readers, Comments Raters etc with timeline. There’s also an option to moderate the comments. All these are accessible from Sharebacks Dashboard. Besides, the color of the Sharebacks widget can also be modified.

Sharebacks is a great way to enhance visitor interaction in your site. It requires users to register or login via Facebook or Twitter before adding a comment. It would have been great if there was an option to add comments even without registering, for users who don’t feel like logging in for adding a comment. But letting visitors to add comments through Sharebacks can really improve the site’s visibility over social networks.

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