The 10 Best Online Meeting Tools

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May 23, 2012

Technology has enabled businesses to trade globally, this means that there is more satellite offices all over the world, customers are from all corners of the globe and managers and directors need innovative ways to stay in contact with these staff members and customers.

It used to be easy to just hop on a plane and spend a few days at a satellite office training staff and holding meetings, these days companies are keeping their expenditure as low as possible, reducing the travel budget is an important factor to keeping the monthly budget to a minimum.

This is why so many companies are turning to collaboration platforms, meeting tools that are available online where they can hold meetings, train staff, deliver presentations and offer remote support to customers without leaving the office.

1. TeamLab-Free Business Colloboration Platform

Teamlab is a free project collaboration platform that enables the user to import data, build departments and teams, track time members spend on certain projects, generate reports, schedule milestones and hold discussions.

The ideal tool when you are managing a project where the majority of members are freelancers working from their own homes.

2. Sync In Realtime Document Conferencing

Sync In is a web based word processor which enables collaboration on the same document at any given time. This enables users to design and edit notes, perfect for brainstorming exercises. It enables users to plan projects with the live chat features included in the package.

3. Tokbox

Tokbox is a web based video conferencing platform which allows up to twenty users at a time, perfect for holding staff meetings, training courses, showing presentations or holding project management sessions.

4. Vyew

Vyew is a web conferencing tool with private rooms for up to ten users. This platform includes a white board for taking notes during the conference and screen sharing options, perfect for training and presentation purposes.

5. Beam Your Screen

Beam Your Screen enables users to share their desktop with up to twenty users, it also enables users to offer control rights and transfer files. You are able to record and playback sessions, generate usage reports and is the ideal solution for meetings, presentations, conferences, online training and remote support. Beam Your Screen currently costs $30.00 per month.

6. Arkadin

Arkadin is a Global Conferencing tool.

7. Gather Place

Gather Place offers users the ability to hold chats, conferences and then records the sessions enabling you to confirm notes later. It can be integrated into your website, ideal for remote support and enables the users to view and share desktops. Only $29.00 per month.

8. Glance

Glance enables the user to share their screen with up to one hundred users with free phone conferencing. This is the perfect solution for many businesses where they can generate reports, show presentations and offer support to remote customers. Currently Glance costs $49.95 per month.

9. Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting enables users to share and view desktops, chat with each other, and record and playback sessions and generates reports. It allows for up to fifteen participants, perfect for the smaller satellite offices that can collaborate together with ease. Currently costs $49.00 per month, much cheaper than an air ticket.

10. Ready Talk

Ready Talk is a platform enabling users to share their desktop, files and programs. It includes audio conferencing and the ability to chat to only one user or all the users in the room. It also records and playbacks meetings for later reference. Currently Ready Talk costs between $34 and $49 per month, depending on the package you choose.

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