Translate RSS feeds with Yahoo Pipes

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November 21, 2008

People who are just familiar with English are unaware of the other side of the internet, the content over world wide web in languages other than English. And of the total searches done over the web only 36 percent is done in English. So, there are content on the web which are not in English but might be very useful for many people.

For this very purpose i.e. to make the content in all languages accessible to all people, there are services like Google Translator, BabelFish etc. But if you are used to reading to feeds rather than visiting your favorite blogs or websites, then you might have a problem. So here comes Yahoo Pipes, that will automatically translate your feeds and let you read it in your preferred language without any hassle. Just a few drag and drops and Yahoo Pipes will translate those RSS feeds for you.

Yahoo pipes is one of the most advanced and sturdy feed aggregators. You can use it for various purposes from getting updated on the prices of items from Google Products to making analytical widgets for your blog. After you login to Yahoo pipes with your Yahoo ID, you can start creating your feeds or other web based applications via a very powerful interface. You can translate your feeds with Babelfish’s translation service.

yahoo pipes Inside Yahoo Pipes interface, You will see a lot of buttons in the navigation panel. From there click the first button Sources and then from the dropdown drag and drop Fetch Feed into the main window. After that enter the URL of the feed into it. Then click the lowermost button in that navigation bar called Deprecated and select BabelFish and drop it to the main window.translate RSS feeds with Yahoo Pipes Then select the required language combination like, English to French, English to German, Dutch to English, Japanese to English etc. Then click on the circle at the bottom of Fetch feed box and start dragging the pipe until it joins with the BabelFish box. Then from BabelFish box drag the pipe to the Pipe Output. Finally save your pipe. Then Run your pipe by clicking Run Pipe link and see your feed translated.

Yahoo Pipes Translate your feed

So get your RSS feeds translated automatically with Yahoo Pipes and save your time and effort.

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  • Now, that’s what you call a nice tutorial. You’ve made it easy for novices to understand it. The guys at Yahoo pipes would certainly appreciate your effort to enlighten others about this great service. 🙂

  • Jason

    i had always been looking for a service of this kind. thank you for letting me know.