Turn any image to a HTML 5 Coloring picture

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November 28, 2010

Since HTML5 came into play, people have tried out lots of interesting stuff using HTML5. HTML5 adds a flash like interactivity to a webpage and there are a great many things made with HTML5 already such as games and other fun applications. Here’s a very cool HTML5 based application that you can use to turn your image into a coloring sketch or black and white picture.

The creator of this HTML5 based coloring picture maker calls it Farbzauber. Its pretty simple just try this URL and move your mouse around to start coloring it. You can make one for your own by entering the URL of any image in the box below. It works for JPEG, GIF and PNG images just fine. Once done, you’ll instantly get the image to fill colors on. You can have either an outline-sketched image or a black and white image. You can have a URL for your image and share it with friends. When mouse is moved over the coloring picture, the colors start to fill automatically. But the brush size cannot be changed. Or you can also embed it on your blog using a link provided. Farbzauber works well with Chrome and Safari.

HTML5 Based coloring pictureThere is also a bookmarklet to make your task easy. When any image is opened via its direct link, just use the bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar and the coloring picture for your image will be automatically generated.

Try out Farbzauber to turn your picture into a sketch using HTML5 for filling colors on.

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  • Very insightful and interesting site. thanks for the article.

  • Kathleen Franklin

    You undoubtedly dug out a number of my memories. I remember getting the same experience.