Unicodinator-A useful Unicode Navigator

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June 1, 2011

Unicodes are very useful and widely used in webpages. Nearly 50 percent of the whole web in their sample of various web pages was now using Unicode. Unicode are widely used in sites that are in languages like Nepali, Hindi etc. Unicodinator is a tool that helps you visually navigate through the Unicode blocks and codepoints as well in the range 0000 through DFFF. You can use the tool to identify a particular Unicode character and Unicode blocks easily.

Unicode NavigatorYou can use Unicodinator tool to find shapes for using in non-image icons as well. You can click on a Unicode character and get the Encoding values, control characters etc. for the character. At the top, you’ll see a dropdown where you can find a list of Unicode blocks. You can switch to any block like Basic Latin, Latin Extended A, Devnagari, Bengali etc. You can also load all of them but it may slow down your system.

You can easily link to any Unicode codepoint on the site by adding hash(#) and the hex code for a unicdoe character after the URL. For example, you can link to the x0174, you can use http://unicodinator.com/#0174. You can also link to a Unicode block in a similar manner by appending hash with the name of the block. For instance, http://unicodinator.com/#Block-Gurmukhi would point to the Gurmukhi Code Block.

Unicodinator is a perfect tool to browse Unicode code blocks and codepoints.

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  • I just updated Unicodinator with search and other enhancements.  http://unicodinator.com  enjoy!