Yesblogs blogging platform

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January 12, 2011

Yes Blogs Blogging CMS Most of the bloggers are fond of WordPress for its pleethora of useful features. WordPress is a great blogging platform and has tons of plugins for getting various things done easily and efficiently. But to manage a WordPress blog and to customize it, one needs basic HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge too. A new blogging platform “Yesblogs” has been recently launched. Yesblogs blogging CMS or platform doesn’t require you to know any HTML or CSS techniques as the developers say.

Currently the blog offers 150 fresh designs and all of them specially designed by artists. Each design can be used with 9 different models. You may display a side bar, two side bars, a footer bar mand move contents where you want.

The main goal of Yesblogs as the developers say is to deliver a blog with options for customizations. Yesblogs can automatically detect the header background image once you much dupload it and suggests the best colors match the rest of the theme. So, people who don’t have much idea on color combinations can avoid the mess of using odd colors. The themes are mobile ready and fully compatible with iPhone.

Yesblogs is probably the first Blogging Platform that supports new web fonts. So, if you want to use funky fonts on your blog, you don’t have to rely on Photoshop to first convert the text to image and then insert it into your blog in image format. It supports about 200 different web fonts and the built in 150 themes also come bundled with different web fonts.

You can set up a complete blog with domain name and web hosting space all with a few clicks using  a few clicks using Yesblogs. It also provides webmail services.

All basic features like password protection of blog, easy FTP integration, Multi Author blogging etc. are available on Yesblogs. It also offers easy integration services with Adsense, Analytics and webmasters tools.

Yesblogs is widget ready and adding and modifying widgets is very easy. Facebook and Twitter integration makes automatic syncing of blog content to Facebook very easy. Yesblogs has built in system for spam protection, comment filtering, translation and more.

Yesblogs blogging platform is definitely worth a try.

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