Zbugs – an online tool to compress your JS and CSS

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May 30, 2011

CSS and JS used on a site considerably increase its size. For sites with very flashy graphics, the CSS and JS files are obviously large sized and therefore may increase their loading time. Zbugs is an online utility with which you can merge, minify and Gzip JS and CSS files.

Zbugs minify merge gzip javascript and css files onlineZbugs is a very easy to use tool. You just need to enter the URL of your website and Zbugs will automatically find all the JS and CSS files associated with your website. It will then provide you links to download the JS and CSS files separately or together as Gzip. If Zbugs cannot find any local CSS or JS files on the site, it will just give you a list of the CSS and JS files used with the site.

Right now, the site doesn’t support compressing files by their URLs. But they say that they will release this feature very soon. It doesn’t even support custom files compressing by uploading the JS and CSS files manually. Compression of individual files will also be released in the next release.

Zbugs is a useful tool to easily merge, minify and Gzip JS and CSS files online by providing the URL.

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  • HernanGN

    ZBugs is an excellent tool but they are taking too long to release the version the let you upload your own files, so, is there any other online tool like this one at this moment? I havent found it.