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POP3 enabled in Hotmail

POP3 service has now been enabled in Hotmail as well which Gmail has been giving since long. Currently, this service is not available for users all around the world but Microsoft plans to enable the POP3 service in Hotmail for all the countries very soon. At present, the service is available for Hotmail users in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

iPhone as a WebServer

When you hear about WebServer, the thing that first comes to your mind is a cluster of very powerful computers. But an application launched for the iPhone called the ServersMan@iPhone lets you use your iPhone as a webserver.

Google Docs Templates-Cool and Useful

Sometimes you need to create documents on your Google Docs in a jiffy. Something like an invitation card, to send out to your friends or maybe a short schedule. So, what will you do, dole out some time in adding colors to them? You won’t be satisfied if your invitation card looks ugly. But you won’t need to make a fuss, at such times Google Docs’ templates come in handy.

Embed Google Maps in your blog or Document

Google Maps the free Web Mapping software is getting popular on the web. Businesses, Organizations and even individuals use Google Maps in their sites or blogs to show off their location to their people. Would you like to embed Google Maps in your blog? Well here is the way you do it.

Add Google News to your Website

News should be within the hand of every busy person on Earth. But with the updates happening every minute, staying tuned to news all the time is not easy. Sensing this, Google has just come up with Google News based widget for blogs and websites.

Animoto’s New Features

Animoto lets you create amazing videos from your photos without requiring you to give much effort. Animoto has introduced a bunch of new features which will engage you a lot more into it. The recently introduced new features, Image Collections, Animoto Valentines and New Music Genres will embellish your videos for sure.

Google explains the latest Google malware glitch

On 31st January 2009, Google Search had shown a serious error where it added “This site may harm your computer” to every search result. This Google Malware lasted for about 15 minutes. Google has given a clarification for that.