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Google Profiles added some features 2

Google Profiles added some features

Google Profiles has added a new feature called contact info where you can add details for your friends to see it. Actually the information that you add is not totally public and you can control the people who see it.


Translate your Tweets with Twitrans

If you belong English speaking community and you aren’t familiar with other languages, you’d probably post your tweets in English . But if you want to post them in other languages that you don’t understand, use Twitrans for translating your tweets.


See if you are being tricked on instant messengers

If you have hundreds of friends added to your yahoo or other messenger, you sometimes feel irritated at the bombarding messages every second from them. And then you think of appearing invisible to everyone and then talk secretly with some of your very near ones. Do you wish to know who is fooling you around by appearing offline?


Free On Screen Recording Software

You must have watched video tutorials on Photoshop or any other software. You learn very quick and easy from those videos showing the on-screen activities of your mouse and computer. Have you wondered how that’s done, i.e. how do they record on-screen videos?


Switch from one feed reader to another

Feed Readers have brought a lot of ease to our lives letting us read our favorite topics on the internet without having to browse for them all along. A lot of Feed Readers are available, some as desktop application and some other online. If you think of switching from one to the other it is very easy.


Your photos will talk now

Storyblender a site that lets you make funny video clips has launched a new feature called Make Me Talk. With this feature you can make your photos talk, i.e. you will be able to add fake lips to your photo and then add voice for the same.


Google changed its favicon

Google has come up with new logo, precisely the favicon. Many of you must have noticed that the blue “g” sign that used to appear on your address bar (which is the Google’s favicon) just before the URL of Google, has been replaced by a motley favicon with a white “g” in the foreground and the colors blue green yellow and red as the background. Most of the Google services now have the same favicon.