Tech Tips


Your photos will talk now

Storyblender a site that lets you make funny video clips has launched a new feature called Make Me Talk. With this feature you can make your photos talk, i.e. you will be able to add fake lips to your photo and then add voice for the same.


Google changed its favicon

Google has come up with new logo, precisely the favicon. Many of you must have noticed that the blue “g” sign that used to appear on your address bar (which is the Google’s favicon) just before the URL of Google, has been replaced by a motley favicon with a white “g” in the foreground and the colors blue green yellow and red as the background. Most of the Google services now have the same favicon.


Camouflage your Picasa ID

You can disguise your Picasa Identity if you do not want others to know your real Google ID. Your Google username is generally shown in your Picasa Web Album address. Like if your Gmail ID is something like then your Picasa Web Albums Address will look like this:


OLPC cuts down Workforce by 50%

The One Laptop Per Child project announced that it is cutting its workforce by 50%. It has also said that salaries for the remaining staff have been reduced. For the upcoming changes in the coming year, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the group made an announcement in the company’s blog.


Use Google Viewer for viewing different Gmail attachments

You can have a quick view of the images sent to you as attachment in Gmail and then download it on the fly. But what if the attachments are not images but PDF files? Previously Google used to convert the PDF files to plain HTML with the images excluded for your quick view which didn’t look much appealing. But now you can view PDF, DOC and PPT attachments very easily from Gmail using the Google Docs Viewer.


Picasa now available for Mac also

Till now the desktop application Picasa used for uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums was only available for Widows XP and Vista. Mac users were relying upon a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and iPhoto album plugin for uploading photos to their Web Albums. But with the release of Picasa for Mac, millions of people using Picasa Web Albums around the globe will be benefitted.

Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta 2

Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta

Toksta is a browser based messenger service and you can integrate it on your website with ease. This service is completely free. You’ll need to add a few lines of code and you’re done. Or if you use wordpress, a plugin for wordpress is also available.


Power your Twitter with Power Twitter

Power Twitter, a mozilla firefox addon developed by Narendra Rocherolle will amaze you if you are a regular Twitter user. Due to very simple functionalities in twitter, other services like Twitpic, Tweettree etc. have come up to add some flavor in it. You will find this addon to be handy and easy to use.