Tech Tips and Tricks, How Tos and more

Add Google News to your Website

News should be within the hand of every busy person on Earth. But with the updates happening every minute, staying tuned to news all the time is not easy. Sensing this, Google has just come up with Google News based widget for blogs and websites.

Animoto’s New Features

Animoto lets you create amazing videos from your photos without requiring you to give much effort. Animoto has introduced a bunch of new features which will engage you a lot more into it. The recently introduced new features, Image Collections, Animoto Valentines and New Music Genres will embellish your videos for sure.

Google explains the latest Google malware glitch

On 31st January 2009, Google Search had shown a serious error where it added “This site may harm your computer” to every search result. This Google Malware lasted for about 15 minutes. Google has given a clarification for that.

Open your Office Documents on Computer with Google Docs

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, your office files like DOC, XLS etc. will automatically open up in Word or Excel. If you wish to see them on Google Docs you don’t need to upload them. You can configure your office files to open directly in Google Docs on double clicking.

Delete weird Youtube comments

If a video gets fairly popular in Youtube, it is sure to receive a number of comments from the viewers. But while reading comments, you might have noticed some really silly comments. Sometimes you may regret after making a comment which you later think you shouldn’t have made and wish to delete it. Youtube now lets you delete the comments you make in just a snap.

Watch Youtube Videos right inside Gmail

While you chat with your friends on Gmail, you sometimes share links with them if you discover anything interesting on the web. Or maybe you’d like to share a newly released music video of your favorite artist on Youtube. Your friend will have to open the link, wait for the video to buffer and continuously switch between the video and the chat window. So, you tend to get annoyed at your friend’s delay in sending the message who would be busy watching the video.

Print Blank Sheets of Music for Free

Do you read Musical Notations? If yes then you also need to write some for yourself. BlankSheetMusic lets you create your own music sheets and then print them for free.

Some Twitter text commands that might interest you

Twitter, the microblogging platform which has now become a major appendage of the web is used by us everyday. You use Twitter for posting your updates and short messages for your followers to read. But have you ever tried out some of the interesting text commands in Twitter that make your work easier than ever?