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Play a prank on your friend using his computer

Sites like hi5, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. are very popular among the people of every age. I’m sure you also use them every now and then and even your friends do. What if one of your friend types on the address bar and lands on any humor website like Hey you can do it.

Make your own toolbar and more with conduit

But if you run a blog or a website, you can also give away a toolbar to your visitors. Hey wait before you brood, you don’t need to be a programmer or empty your wallet for this. Conduit is that powerful tool which lets you do it in a few steps. Its as easy as having an icecream. And believe me, even if you think of paying price to create a toolbar for your site, it won’t be any powerful than the one you can create with conduit.

Greasemonkey for Chrome

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to write scripts that change the functionality of a webpage. A website can be made more interactive with Greasemonkey. One can also interconnect two sites to integrate the information from both sites.

Morphing Images with Sqirlz Morph

Sqirlz morph lets you morph two or more images seamlessly if you master the skill for doing it. A couple of months ago, I had come across a website which offered a simple fun game asking to recognize the celebrities whose faces were morphed into one. Back then I had thought that they morphed those faces using Photoshop. When I came to know about morphing software called Sqirlz Morph, I understood how they do it.

Wadja-Send free sms worldwide and much more.

You might have tried to send web sms to your friends staying abroad. But very few sites offer free web sms and if they do, they do not let you send it to any place in the world. If you want to send free sms worldwide, then is there for you.

Cartoonise yourself with Befunky

If you use forums or online groups then you must have used avatars for expressing yourself. Rather than real photos, cartoons are much popular. But the cartoon you choose as your avatar might also have been chosen by others. Now lets think of something cool. What if you create a funky cartoon of yourself and identify yourself with that. Hey you needn’t be a photoshop specialist for this, Befunky is there for you.

Firefox Mobile Browser – Fennec

Mozilla, has released the alpha version of Firefox mobile web browser, codenamed Fennec. But at present, it is only available for Nokia 810 and Nokia 800 mobile phones. Mozilla is currently using these internet tablets as a platform for testing their browser publicly. Fennec Mobile browser is also available for desktop computers running on Windows, Mac or Linux. Most of the people probably do not own Nokia 810 or Nokia 800 Internet Tablet, so they can have a taste of this browser, right on their desktop.

Single mouse and keyboard control over multiple computers with Synergy

Synergy is a freeware that lets you control multiple computers in your network with a single mouse and keyboard. It also supports controlling multiple computers running on different operating systems, each with its own hardware. It works fine with major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris etc.

Sky Drive- An online hard disk

Sky Drive is a part of Microsoft’s Windows Live Family of Web-2.0 style online offerings. It is actually your online hard disk where you can store your files and protect them with passwords. Well it is not just about protecting your files, Windows Live Sky Drive can be your one stop destination for sharing large files or large number of files. When it was lauched as a beta version, only 1 GB of online storage was provided. But now you can have a full 5 GB storage.