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Obama upto appointing Chief Technology Officer

Barack Obama, the newly elected US president plans to create a new governmental official post of a Chief Technology Oficer(CTO), foreseeing the possibilities of advancements in Technology in near future.

Useful Run Commands

Run commands help you launch applications very easily without having to click several times in a row.

Ades Color Picker

If you are a designer, you must know how important it is to pick the appropriate colors while creating any designs. Sometimes you need to pick color from images and you do that with...

Earn money with Skype

Have you ever used Skype for talking to your friends and family? As many of you know, it is one of the most popular VoIP softwares with over 300 million users worldwide and counting.

RSS explained

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication. It is used to publish frequently updated tasks over the internet like blogs, news, audio, video etc. They are also called feeds. The feeds are read via RSS readers or feed aggreagators.

Some thing that may annoy you in Windows XP

Prevent password expiration for your username: After using Windows XP for a couple of time, you might have come across a message saying-“Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it now?”. You can overcome this problem.

Fool your friends with these tools

Yesterday I stumbled upon and found an array of fun tools there. The instance you get a glimpse of these, you will begin weaving some naughty ideas in your brain to fool around your friends. This site offers a CD full of prank softwares which contains some amazing stuff. But this is not for free. Some of the prank tools on this CD are not even available for download. But you can download a lot of free naughty tools. The site calls them “April Fool’s Day Softwares”. All of them are not for free but I have listed some of the free and interesting ones here:

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based operating system from Microsoft. Azure is actually an operating System that runs over the internet from the Microsoft’s hosting data centers for the Azure Services Platform. Currently Azure is mainly aimed for web developers. Azure will help the Developers to manage and distribute Web Applications on the Internet through Microsoft’s own data centers.

Play a prank on your friend using his computer

Sites like hi5, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. are very popular among the people of every age. I’m sure you also use them every now and then and even your friends do. What if one of your friend types on the address bar and lands on any humor website like Hey you can do it.