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Sky Drive- An online hard disk

Sky Drive is a part of Microsoft’s Windows Live Family of Web-2.0 style online offerings. It is actually your online hard disk where you can store your files and protect them with passwords. Well it is not just about protecting your files, Windows Live Sky Drive can be your one stop destination for sharing large files or large number of files. When it was lauched as a beta version, only 1 GB of online storage was provided. But now you can have a full 5 GB storage.

Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta build 14

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows Live Messenger. This is actually a beta version. The interface is very much different from its previous version. One can find a plethora of handy features and it seems that Live Messenger has made a bunch of improvements over the year.
You first need to download an online installer which in turn will download all the necessary components and install them on the go. The installer also lets you select other optional utilities to download like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Live Writer and so on. If you have an existing older version of MSN Messenger, it will be automatically upgraded.

Some google talk tips and tricks

Google doesn’t have built in smileys or emoticons that can be inserted by selecting from a list, but some of the simple text-type smileys are recognized by Google talk and it highlights them automatically in blue. These are:

Splashup-An online photo editor

The photo editing tools and software are available to you within a particular system, i.e. they need to be installed. What if you get to use them on the fly anywhere you go? If you desire to use such a tool, Splashup is the one for you.

Some Windows XP Registry Tricks

Some Windows XP registry tricks: 1. Speed up your start menu’s speed: The speed of the start menu by default is darn slow. But this can be boosted by editing a windows registry key....

Protect yourself from spoofs

In spoof emails you might notice abnormal urgency asking you to reply back. They can send spoof emails in the name of PayPal and ask you to reply as soon as possible or your account gets banned. They may also deceive you saying that some unauthorized transaction occurred in your account and therefore ask you to feed your personal details.

Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is a very big trouble for the internet users since long. Emails with forged headers, where the senders name are altered to make it seem like it came from some other source is called a spoof email. The activity is thus called email spoofing. This can cause a great deal of trouble to anyone because it might make the email receiver to actually believe that the email came from the original source. So if the one sending the spoof email has some basic details about the person he is sending the email to, he can use filthy tricks to make a lot out of it.


Most useful firefox addons

If you want something more than just regular web browsing from your Firefox browser, you can have desired outputs by using certain Addons for Mozilla firefox. Addons like Scribefire, SeoQuake etc. are some of the most popularly used Addons for Mozilla Firefox.


Some tricks to search efficiently in google

Say you want to find some good Museums in New York City. If you simply type USA Museums you will end up with a result which shows pages matching your query but all the results may not match your exact phrase. But if you search the keyword phrase enclosed within ” ” [“USA Museums”] you will get result of pages containing the exact phrase.