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How does your digital TV signal work?

Quite simply put a digital TV signal is just a transmission that contains information regarding the video and audio components of a broadcast from the television station direct to the end user.

Dedicated Servers: An Ideal Choice for Online Retailers

Dedicated servers are often thought of as expensive but best hosting alternatives, available only to those who can shell out around $170 per month to keep their site up. But what is the justification for this hefty price tag? Is it really worth all the money that you are spending for your site?

How to extract URLS from hyperlinks in Excel

Your column of data in excel can contain anything from normal texts to numbers and even hyperlinks. If you type in any URL in the standard format, Excel automatically hyperlinks the URL text to the respective link. But sometimes, the links are associated or are hyperlinks of some other anchor text, rather than the link itself. In such case, it won’t be practical to individually click each link or to make their list. Or, another scenario is that you may need to extract links from a long list of hyperlinks you found on a webpage. Well if need to extract hyperlinks from excel in hundreds or even thousands, here is a nifty little trick.

Apple iPhone 5, India Awaits

September 12, 2012 is the day the world will remember, for it is the day when the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5 was revealed. The Cupertino-based company had finally given Apple fans what they had been looking forward to, i.e. the fifth generation of the iPhone. Coming from makers who are more of inventors, and who have never given away any chance of revolutionizing the prevailing trends, Apple iPhone 5 is expected to carry the legacy on. In fact, Craig Berger, analyst, FBR Capital Markets believes that the fifth edition of Apple’s flagship smartphone will break sales records, thus sending Apple fans into tech hysteria.

How to secure email hosting for business

Email or webmail hosting solutions provide customers access to messaging and information sharing resources. Securing email hosting can be a difficult issue for clients or users. Many of the suggestions for a secure webmail hosting can be planned. These tips are regular updates to functions, passwords, backups and many others. In this article we would discuss tips for secure email hosting.

Top Reason Why iPad Mini is Better than Full-sized iPad

iPad Mini is coming out in the market soon and is a possible competitor of Google Nexus 7. Apple has intelligently made the iPad Mini’s features and alike for the consumers. Apple must be aware that there are things you cannot do with a tablet. Like taking photos with iPad is awkward. Still, there is wisdom in creating iPad Mini for you can enjoy games with convenience. There are other reasons why iPad Mini is better than its full sized version and here are they:

Shazam For TV

If you love music, you probably already know that Shazam is certainly a beloved app that helps you identify the name and artist of a song. According to Shazam Entertainment, the app has already been used to tag music by 250 million people worldwide. As if that isn’t enough, the app designers have made it even better. Shazam can now be used as a television companion app, opening up the door for more capabilities and an even larger user base.

How do solid state drives compare to traditional hard disk drives?

Before we begin answering that, let’s take a look at what a solid state drive is. Simply put, an SSD stores information on the semiconductors it’s made up of, rather than the magnetic data disk found in ordinary hard drives. It’s much the same way flash drives work: both use non-volatile memory chips that retain information even when unpowered, but SSDs are much larger in capacity and can replace traditional hard disk drives in laptops and desktop PCs.

Learn to Control Your Computer with Gestures

Yes, its true. You can control your PC with Gestures. Whenever you are in hurry, now you do not need to use keyboard or mouse. Now it can all controlled by your hand movement and gestures. Read this article to learn how to control your PC.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Everyone knows how beneficial social media marketing can be for a small business. However, many businesses simply do not put enough effort into monitoring their social media presence outside of their own account. No longer are social networks used solely for contact information storage and sharing of funny pictures between friends. Social networks can be excellent marketing tools for small businesses and big businesses alike. There are a few tools that can help you to more effectively monitor your social media presence.