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Kepard – A fast VPN service

Basically, a VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a technology that helps you protect your online identity once your data leaves your computer. VPN technology allows you to access your computer network at your office over the internet in a secure way. Although there are remote desktop services for the same purpose, a VPN is somewhat different; it is useful for more than just remote access. A VPN can be used to link two separate networks over a distance securely. If you are familiar with the benefits of having a VPN service for your office network and are looking for a reliable service provider, Kepard can be of interest to you.

Will Bouncer be Enough To Address Androids Never ending Security Lapses?

Finally Google has decided to take a step in order to solve the many problems that are arising with its smart phone operating system Android. The main problem is that of applications which are infected with malware or spyware of some sort or another, Bouncer is an anti virus system which will be monitoring and making sure that apps are safe to use.

Setting Up Alerts To Go To Your Cell Phone For Easy Monitoring

I’m a long time book nerd as well as a magazine junkie, so naturally I’m obsessed with reading the news despite not always wanting to know what is going on in the world. That being said, for business purposes, knowing what is going on is essentially important.

How to find the Perfect Anti-Spyware for Android

There is a lot of harm that can potentially at any time befall an Android user such as the usual parade of trolls best known as Android spy apps, keystroke loggers, Trojans, bugs, and run of the mill viruses. But finding the perfect antispyware software isn’t as easy as it looks. Since there seems to be a constant threat to Android just clinging to the atmosphere, there are also a large number of options available to fight off these evil doers as well.

5 Best Tips on Conserving Your Battery on Smartphones

Like any other mobile gadgets there is in the market, your trusty Smartphone suffers the same fate as all the other battery-powered technologies we have. The truth of the matter is it is no longer useful when its battery life goes down the drain. A few little gadget insights can do the trick and help you save your precious gadget’s battery life.

What Is An Ideal Temperature For The Good Health Of A Server?

People who manage data centers or websites are aware of the importance of the health of their server. A server is expected to run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and server manufactures such as Dell and IBM try all they can to provide the best performance through their products. To gain the most out of the server in terms of performance you need to keep a tab on the ideal room temperature. Each circuit of an electrical component provides optimal performance in a specific range of temperature. A hardware professional is very much aware of these nuances. A fluctuating room temperature leads to bad news for the server.

increase ecommerce ROI

Measuring The ROI Of Your eCommerce Website

Yeah you did invest a lot on the Magento eCommerce Website or whatever platform, to improve your eCommerce business but still it is not making you smile broad.

5 Movies Filmed on a Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over our lives so it should come as no surprise that there are actually movies being filmed on these devices. These are not just short videos, but real movies with actors, plots, directors and musical scores. Some are promotional tools for the phones maker, but others are true films.

Increasing your social following on Instagram

For you to be successful in increasing your Instagram following, getting more friends, feature on the Popular Page and play a significant role with unmatched skill in photography over your iPhone device, there are number of procedures that you ought to follow. These are outlined below:

Effective data removal on Mac

For many people a notebook or a PC became a real vault for personal data. Just imagine: everything we deal with every day – Internet searches, our interests (which can easily be tracked, though), our videos and photos (including the ones that have not only you, but also your relatives or friends), a lot of additional personal info is stored every day on the hard drives of our computers.Personally I am a Mac user, because this system is known to be more intelligent and secure than Windows is.