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2 companies that are going to change smartphones from the outside

If you think we’ve seen rapid mobile innovation in the past few years, you haven’t seen anything yet. Smartphones and tablets might be faster and more powerful than ever, but the real innovations are yet to come. While the big players such as Apple and Google will certainly play roles, it’s outside companies that will make the big pushes.

The History of Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are often overlooked, but they are important features that allow you to maximise your computer’s potential – but just how did those peripherals come to be on our desk and who should we thank?

Using GPS Devices in Every Day Life

For many, technology is something they despise purely because they can’t get certain things to work how they think it should. For others, it is essential in every day life and allows them to do far more than they ever thought was possible.

The Advantages of Prepaid Phones

All phones have their advantages and disadvantages, but the one thing that people around the world are looking at right now is the cost. We’re in difficult times financially with prices increasing and disposable income decreasing, so more and more people are looking to cut costs wherever possible, and the mobile phone is one area that people are looking at.

The future of high Speed Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a figure of high speed Internet service. It employs telecommunication satellites around the globe to offer Internet access to clients. Satellite Internet service wraps regions where cable and DSL access is engaged.

How I Gained a Renewed Appreciation for My Smartphone

A couple of weeks ago, the unthinkable happened to me. I was making a quick errand run before work and as I went to get out of my car, my phone fell to its death. OK, so it’s not that unthinkable—phones break all the time, right? Well, this has NEVER happened to me—I’ve always been the responsible phone owner, updating every two years at most. But, at the risk of sounding completely dramatic, I did not handle it too well.

4 Awesome Personal Health Websites

The internet offers a wealth of information about every subject imaginable, and this is no different when it comes to information and education about health related issues. People tend to be very curious about their health, and sometimes very paranoid about their health as well. While the internet can be a helpful resource for basic information, it should never be used as a self-diagnostic health tool of some kind. Just because a web site may say that your symptoms are in line with a rare form of cancer, it does not mean you have cancer. Only a professional medical technician can tell you that information with any kind of accuracy. So, always keep in mind that personal health web sites are only meant to inform, not to diagnose any illnesses or cause people fright from the information that they provide.

3 Awesome Social Media Apps

Once upon a time, in a not so distant past, social media was looked upon as some sort of novelty, that would fade into obscurity like internet chatrooms, America Online and a million other internet sensations that slowly but surely faded into the memories of the general consciousness. Obviously, unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, this is no longer the case. Here are some well known and most used social media apps.

Finding the Right Mobile Phone For You

When you’re looking for just the right mobile phone, you need to look at it as a whole, rather than as just a phone. There are so many options out there that getting the right phone is almost like finding your soul mate. For instance, you have to consider: