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HTC Android Smart phones – The Top Five HTC Phones powered by Android

HTC + Android = Mobile Computing Glorified! HTC, a Taiwan based company is one of the leading mobile phones manufacturers, on the other hand Android is growing into popularity to become the leading OS. Though Apple appears to be the first in touch screen based smart phones, it was actually HTC that first gave out the designs of one such device way back in 1998. It was also the first to come up with a Microsoft 3G phones. And last but not the least, it was also the first phone to host the Android platform; ever since HTC and Android have been inseparable.

Identify web fonts with bookmarklet

Web fonts are being used exclusively these days. Web fonts really bring more elegance and vibrancy to your website design. Sometimes you may come across websites using cool web fonts and may want to know what that font is. Fount is a bookmarklet that tells you the name of any web font on a webpage with a single click.

HTTP file server

How to transfer documents to your Windows Phone without emailing

You won’t find a system wide file explorer in the current version of Windows Phone 7 and neither can you add files to your phone besides just music, videos and pictures. So, if you have to transfer a Word document to your phone, you’ll have to first email it to yourself, open it and finally save it on your phone. But if you need to transfer too many files, this process won’t be very feasible. But here is a little workaround that will help you easily transfer documents from your computer to your Windows Phone 7 device.

The Best Blu Ray Players on the Market Today

I love my movies – I always have something on the TV during evenings and weekends, even if it’s just an old favourite playing for background noise while I’m pottering about the house. I’ve always kept up to date with the latest technology and this is no more evident than in the format I view my movies in. I’ve been slowly replacing my old DVD collection with blu rays and have been using my Playstation 3 as my main blu ray player for a few years now, but finally upgraded that too. During my research I became a bit of an expert in blu ray players and this is my personal top five list of must have blu ray players on the market right now.


LiveProfile: More Than Just Texting

LiveProfile is a free smartphone messenger application that works on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. LiveProfile improves upon the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) platform by taking Short Message Service (SMS) communications to a higher level thanks to its nifty social networking features. LiveProfile. While text messaging is at the heart of LiveProfile, this cross-platform messenger can do a lot more than just SMS.

A browser resizer that works from your browser

Web designers frequently need to test their designs in various browser sizes. Browser window can be resized without using any addon; browize can resize your window from within your browser.

How to Optimize Your Business Blog for the Search Engines

You’ve read about the importance of blogging on your favorite blog and you’re starting to take some steps to begin your new blogging career. You already know how important having a great design is to having a great first impression on your readers and you’ve done every other great thing you can think of.

Online Htaccess tester

If you are a PHP programmer or a user of some PHP based CMS, you might be well familiar with the .htaccess file. .Htaccess file is a configuration file that is supported by various web servers and it allows the management of web server configuration. There are several rules that can be specified in the htaccess file. If you want to test your .htaccess file, here is a nifty htaccess tool for it.

Infographics and Other Creative Ways to Help Your Linkbuilding Campaign

In order to run a great link building campaign, it helps to know why you are doing it in the first place. Sounds pretty basic right? Sometimes it’s easy to get swept into doing some form of Internet marketing without fully understanding the reason behind it, other than “that’s what everyone else is doing.” Yes links are good but why? In addition to greatly helping SEO efforts, in the form of helping your search engine ranking, getting back links can help increase your site’s credibility and bring more traffic and exposure to your content.

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Useful Apps to Convert Your iPhone into a Knowledge Centre

It seems like every day you hear about some new app for iPhone, and that may very well be true, as there are developers working on adding to the app pool even as you read this article. There are so many great free, useful, and fun apps, but you don’t always have the time to search for them. Problem solved – we did the searching so you don’t have to! Below is a list of apps that you will be itching to download, and that will transform your iPhone into a veritable hub of knowledge.