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Inject CSS rules directly into a live webpage using CSS Terminal

Designers need to try out different CSS rules on webpages before finally obtaining a beautiful design. For example, if a text with a font size of 14px looks a bit bulkier on the page, testing with a lesser font size for example 12px and seeing the changes on the fly would be very handy. If you are looking for such a tool, CSS Terminal tool can be of great help.

Windows 8 Revealed on Video

Windows 8, the upcoming OS from Microsoft and rumors have it that Windows 8 will also have the live tiles feature as in Windows Phone 7. But until the official release of the OS, nothing can be said more about how it would look like. But Microsoft Developer Evangelist J. Michael Palermo IV(former MVP &RD) has given some important details on Windows 8 in an interview by Spike Xavier at Interface’s Tech Immersion 2011.

6 ways to get your creativity flowing in relation to blog post

Are you lacking inspiration to write down your new article? Are you feeling as if you used up all the different topics when it comes to your web blog topic? If you are in this situation then you’ll certainly benefit from looking over this article where I’ll be dealing with 6 different ways that will assist you find some ideas for your upcoming article.

Expert computer Support becomes available 24×7

Off late have you been struggling with your PC and solutions are nowhere in sight. If yes, then it’s about time you took a breather; for in the present era a gamut of online computer support companies are geared to offer a ready solution to all PC-related issues. Boasting of competent and technically qualified team of experts such entities are ready to assist clients with all installation and configuration issues related to their PC and its associated peripherals.

ESET’s Facebook app can scan you computer online

There are many antivirus websites that offer free online scanning services. But beware, there are similar malware as well, that look like online scanners but instead infiltrate your PC. ESET, the company behind the popular antivirus software ESET has released an online scanner. The best thing about this online scanner by ESET is that it is a Facebook application and you can use it right from Facebook.

Colocation or the Cloud?

Since the release of the iCloud in June, regular internet users have become enthralled with the concept of the cloud computing. However, many don’t realize that they already use it on a day-to-day basis through programs such as regular e-mail, Google Docs, and Flickr. Businesses have long been incorporating cloud technologies into their IT departments, but the recent surge of interest in and the prices of cloud computing have led many wondering if colocation services wouldn’t be better.

Default text style Gmail

Set a permanent formatting style for composing messages in Gmail

Gmail gives a lot of formatting options for formatting emails. If you prefer a certain formatting style and want it to use the same style for every email you compose, changing the formatting style every time can be a bit nagging. But with Gmail, you can easily set a default formatting style using a Labs feature.

How to easily translate text on tooltip via Google Translator

Google Translate is a very powerful translation tool and people who need to deal with multiple languages use it very often. Google Translate can help you with a whole page or just words and sentences as well. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could get to translate any piece of text on a webpage on the fly without moving over to Google Translator? Well this Greasemonkey script can be of help. Google Translator Tooltip is a tool that brings the power of Google Translator right on your tooltip.

HTC Android Smart phones – The Top Five HTC Phones powered by Android

HTC + Android = Mobile Computing Glorified! HTC, a Taiwan based company is one of the leading mobile phones manufacturers, on the other hand Android is growing into popularity to become the leading OS. Though Apple appears to be the first in touch screen based smart phones, it was actually HTC that first gave out the designs of one such device way back in 1998. It was also the first to come up with a Microsoft 3G phones. And last but not the least, it was also the first phone to host the Android platform; ever since HTC and Android have been inseparable.

Identify web fonts with bookmarklet

Web fonts are being used exclusively these days. Web fonts really bring more elegance and vibrancy to your website design. Sometimes you may come across websites using cool web fonts and may want to know what that font is. Fount is a bookmarklet that tells you the name of any web font on a webpage with a single click.