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Motorola Atrix 4G: Not Just an Ordinary Smartphone

Often mistaken as a smartphone, the Motorola Atrix 4G, which serves as a laptop, a set top box, a desktop computer and a smartphone, is not “just” a smartphone. Its dual-core-CPU-sporting device carries the load of not only coordinating these four devices as one but also endorses support for a 4-inch, 960 x 540 display, HPSA +data and an array of other sensational specs. This is what renders the Motorola Atrix 4G as “a whole new kind of device”. A device projected to take the place of netbook, or perhaps even more through its Webtop environment. The question however is, will it prove proficient enough to take over as your replaced home theater? Does this device possess the potential to be a game changer or will it fade away like other trivial devices, without leaving a mark? Here is a review to help you decide.

How to sync audio with video in unsynced videos with GOM Player or VLC Player

There are some video files that may be corrupt and wouldn’t play well. Or there are some others that may not be corrupt but would be with some glitches. For example, we sometimes come across videos where the audio doesn’t perfectly sync with the video. Even if there is a lag of 10 seconds, it would wreck the whole experience. But don’t worry, if you want to sync audio with the video by a few seconds, you can do so easily using GOM player or VLC Player.

10 Great iPad Travel Apps

If you are traveling with your iPad, what are some of the best travel apps to choose from? The following are some recommendations that should make life a little easier while on the road.

How to easily add programs to run at startup

There are some programs and software on your computer that you cannot live without. Be it your favorite browser, your music software or any other software related to your profession; there are always a couple of them that you use everyday. Wouldn’t you like to open up such programs at startup without firing them up one by one once you start your computer? Well here is a simple trick to choose programs that you would like to kick start automatically after your computer starts.

Kick those Viruses away with Effective Anti-Virus Support

Does your PC take a really long time to boot up? Do you think it is working well below its desired efficiency? If yes, it’s about time you woke up to a realization your PC is plagued with malicious bugs, viruses and Trojans. Malicious elements if left ignored for long may bring down your PC’s operational capability down to a whimper. Better still; at the same time, leaving you scratching hard for a solution to the scenario on hand.

How to get the older Facebook chat sidebar back

Facebook chat sidebar now covers full length of the screen and spans vertically to take up all the height. This surely makes it easier to have a glance at more number of friends as compared to the earlier one. But many of you may not be very fond of this longer sidebar(including me) and would want to revert back to the older Facebook chat sidebar. Wouldn’t you wan’t to have the older sidebar for Facebook chat? If yes, the Facebook Sidebar Chat reversion script for Greasemonkey can be of great help.

Tired of Lorem Ipsum? Try Hipster Ipsum

The Lorem Ipsum dummy text is used as a placeholder text or say a filler text in designs. Lorem Ipsum has been used since long. But it has so ubiquitous that you see the Lorem Ipsum dummy text in most of the design samples. If you are tired of the Lorem ipsum dummy text, you can try out Hipster Ipsum that is similar to Lorem Ipsum dummy text.

Common troubles with cloud computing

While cloud computing services have been booming lately, you should understand that not all companies who avail of Cloud computing services are able to get a good experience. As with anything, there are a variety of experiences; some would get a good service while some would expect a more troublesome situation.

Do your friends see you online on Facebook all the time?

As we all know, a green circle next to a friend’s name on the Facebook chat list means that the friend is online. And a grey circle would mean that the friend is away or either busy. But do you have had complaints from friends saying that you don’t reply to them even when you are online 24 hours a day? Sounds strange but for many people, Facebook shows an online status even when the person is offline. Well it could possibly be because you could be using some instant messaging application on your mobile Phone. If you use IM+ application on your Windows Phone for chatting over Facebook and are being shown online all the time, here’s how you fix it.

Inject CSS rules directly into a live webpage using CSS Terminal

Designers need to try out different CSS rules on webpages before finally obtaining a beautiful design. For example, if a text with a font size of 14px looks a bit bulkier on the page, testing with a lesser font size for example 12px and seeing the changes on the fly would be very handy. If you are looking for such a tool, CSS Terminal tool can be of great help.