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handy tricks with gmail

5 Handy Tricks That You Can Use with Gmail

Gmail is by far one of the most widely used web based email heavily loaded with very beneficial features. Since its inception, Gmail has managed to sweep such a large chunk of clientele thus rising compete with the industry’s major players. If new to Gmail, you might need some information to help you maximize the benefits that Gmail offers. So, if interested read on.

Make a morphed animation from pictures

You must have seen videos showing transitions between different moving faces. One famous example is the music video for the popular song Black or White by Michael Jackson. But now you too can create your animated biography with pictures from different phases in your life.


How to speed up booting time in Windows

Who wouldn’t want to use a faster PC. Sometimes, we get so annoyed with our computers when they take minutes after minutes to boot up. Wouldn’t you want your computer to boot faster without doing much? Here is a registry trick that can considerably lower the startup time of your computer.

Protect Your PC From Power Surges

Did you know that one of the more common reasons for busted computers is power surges? Here are a couple of tips for protecting your PC from them.


How to copy an XP user profile to another XP running computer

Bought a new computer recently and migrated all your old data there? If you already have a user profile with user data on your older PC, you might want to copy that as well to the new computer. On Windows XP, you can easily copy user profile data from your older computer to the newer computer.

Adobe Edge – Adobe’s new tool for HTML5 editing

HTML5 is getting so popular that experts are suggesting that Flash may become obsolete in the coming years. Adobe, the software giant who had acquired Macromedia, the original creators of Flash have launched a toolkit called Adobe Edge for professional web developers and designers that lets them create rich pages with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Unminify CSS to make them more legible

If you are a web designer, you must be using CSS minifying tools that remove the extra whitespaces and unnecessary line breaks in your CSS codes. But if you need to work on the same CSS file later on, you will find it very difficult to edit them. A legible and formatted version of the CSS file would be great for later edits. The CSS Minifier tool by MrColes may come in handy at such times.

Why You Should Back Up Your System Image NOW

Ever since I was a wee little child, I remember the pull-the-plug moments that every Windows operating system (OS) we ever had. At a certain point, the system slows down to a halt, perhaps has trouble starting up, or repetitively gives you that ominous blue screen of death.


Your Facebook Network around the world

Have you ever wondered how many friends you have living in each different country? You must have had friends scattered all across the globe but you cannot tell outright which friends reside where. But thanks to a very cool app by Western Union World that lets you quickly visualize your Facebook friends on a map.

Spending More Time on the Internet Compared to Your TV

A lot of things happen every year, and it is no doubt that the number of people making use of the internet every year keeps on increasing. The reality is that a lot of households spend countless hours in front of their TV and the average TV user watches the television for 5 hours. In fact, recent stats have shown that over 60% of households in the US watch their TV while at the same time using the internet.