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A browser resizer that works from your browser

Web designers frequently need to test their designs in various browser sizes. Browser window can be resized without using any addon; browize can resize your window from within your browser.

How to Optimize Your Business Blog for the Search Engines

You’ve read about the importance of blogging on your favorite blog and you’re starting to take some steps to begin your new blogging career. You already know how important having a great design is to having a great first impression on your readers and you’ve done every other great thing you can think of.

Online Htaccess tester

If you are a PHP programmer or a user of some PHP based CMS, you might be well familiar with the .htaccess file. .Htaccess file is a configuration file that is supported by various web servers and it allows the management of web server configuration. There are several rules that can be specified in the htaccess file. If you want to test your .htaccess file, here is a nifty htaccess tool for it.

Infographics and Other Creative Ways to Help Your Linkbuilding Campaign

In order to run a great link building campaign, it helps to know why you are doing it in the first place. Sounds pretty basic right? Sometimes it’s easy to get swept into doing some form of Internet marketing without fully understanding the reason behind it, other than “that’s what everyone else is doing.” Yes links are good but why? In addition to greatly helping SEO efforts, in the form of helping your search engine ranking, getting back links can help increase your site’s credibility and bring more traffic and exposure to your content.

Useful Apps to Convert Your iPhone into a Knowledge Centre

It seems like every day you hear about some new app for iPhone, and that may very well be true, as there are developers working on adding to the app pool even as you read this article. There are so many great free, useful, and fun apps, but you don’t always have the time to search for them. Problem solved – we did the searching so you don’t have to! Below is a list of apps that you will be itching to download, and that will transform your iPhone into a veritable hub of knowledge.

Onkyo Remote App for Android

Many of you out there may have invested in a single universal remote control and programmed it to control all of your gadgets. But what if you could do away with all of them, even the universal remote, and control all of you gadgets using your phone?

How to insert a Google spreadsheet into a Google Docs document

Google Spreadsheets and Google Documents have become essential tools for those who regularly need to deal with documents and spreadsheets. But sometimes, you need to insert a table created in Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document. Google Docs doesn’t let you insert a Google Spreadsheets directly into a Google Document. This feature on the other hand is easily available in Microsoft Office. Don’t worry, here is a workaround for inserting a Google Spreadsheets into a Google Document.

Keep updated on the browser stats and popularity

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are the most popular browsers for internet usage for computers. A couple of years ago, Internet Explorer was reining the browser market with about 80% dominance. But now the usage of internet explorer has slumped and other browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. have risen up. If you want to keep yourself updated on the internet browser usage statistics, you can rely on browser stats page from w3schools.

12 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Blogs are mushrooming all over the internet like weeds in a garden. Some blogs have been outstanding successes, while some have earned mediocre success. Some others have died virtually unknown deaths. To which of these categories do you want your blog to belong? How do you ensure that you learn from your mistakes and get your blogging basics right? Here are ten tips, ten things that you can do to succeed at blogging.

Changing your Legacy Systems

As more and more software and hardware get pushed in the market, businesses would often have to upgrade the legacy systems that they use. However, simply changing may not be the best course of action to take.