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Guest Posting on Techattitude

Techattitude is now open for guest bloggers. Bloggers and writers can guest post on Techattitude and have benefits. Guest posting helps you increase your blog’s visibility and gain backlinks as well. Even if you aren’t a blogger, you can write articles for Techattitude. As Techattitude is a technology blog,

Boonote manage your bookmarks online

Manage your bookmarks online using Boonote

Managing bookmarks and migrating them to another device can be a real pain sometimes. With people using Internet on computers, mobiles and tablets, they want their bookmarks to be accessible from any place on the earth. With Boonote, you can save and manage your bookmarks online and sync them through various devices.

Wolfram Alpha urban traffic statistics data

Use Wolfram Alhpa for Urban traffic stats

You can now have urban traffic statistics like average peak travel time, daily rush hour etc. using Wolfram|Alpha. It lets you compare traffic and get statistics of urban transportation in more than 100 urban cities in USA. Wolfram Alhpa utilizes the data from Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report.


How to enable Add to Quick Launch in Windows XP

Windows Vista has a very useful feature that lets you add items to the Quick Launch Folder. The Add to Quick Launch option that can be seen in the context menus upon right clicking on an icon lets you add a shortcut of the item to the Quick Launch Folder. This feature however lacks in Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Here is a tool that lets you enable add to quick launch in Windows XP.

Use Wikipedia’s simple English version for concise version of articles

Wikipedia gives a good insight into all sorts of topics with the most upto date information. But there are times when you don’t need to dig deep into the details and just want to skim read. If you want quick and short overview of a topic, you can use Wikipedia’s Simple English version for the original page where to have brief information on the topic.

Mozilla Thunderbird beta version 5.0b released

Popular email client Mozilla Thunderbird’s latest version, Thunderbird V5.0b has been released. Thunderbird Beta FAQ says that the release of Thunderbird 4 was skipped because the program’s version is very closely dependent on the underlying Gecko Engine.

Tron:Legacy graphic novel by Disney built in HTML5

Many cool apps and online tools hit the internet everyday and HTML5 surely has revolutionized the use of beautiful interactive components on websites. Disney and Vectorform have built the Disney Tron:Legacy Digital graphic book. Tron:Legacy Graphic Novel is built on Internet Explroer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5. Tron:Legacy is made using HTML5 canvas and audio tags.

Favorite Number Survey

Like colors, people tend to have their favorite numbers too. People believe that some numbers prove luckier for them than the others. You can become a part of an experiment by telling what your favorite number is. is conducting a survey on people’s Favorite numbers.

A first look at Windows 8 Interface – Video

The software market is already abuzz with speculations about how the software might be and what would be the major improvements from its predecessors. Windows 8 interface is an expansion of the very interactive live tiles in Windows Phone 7’s User Interface. Microsoft believes that this would throw off the conventional concept of icons used on a background.