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Mailnesia a handy disposable email service

There are lots of disposable email services available on the internet. Every disposable email service has their own list of features. The main purpose of such services is to read emails without supplying your real email address and to protect your anonymity in social media sites, forums, blogs etc. Mailnesia is one such disposable email service that has a lot of features like HTML support, RSS feed for mailbox and more.


Tips for Setting up a Server Room

Setting up a server room is something that can easily be done by the small business owner. It does not necessarily require an IT professional to get this accomplished. By doing the work in-house, a good deal of savings can be had. There are a number of considerations that should be kept in mind when planning and setting up the server room.

Which Laptop is Best for Me?

Picking a laptop that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs can be difficult with the availability of a multitude of products, styles and options. Picking a laptop that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs can be difficult with the availability of a multitude of products, styles and options.

How to Make Your Content Visually Appealing

It is true that quality content is one of the essential characteristics of a successful blogger. It is also true that visually appealing content is very important since nobody will want to go through something that looks annoying and is a frustration to wade through.

Acer Aspire

Laptop brands/models 2011 that make great servers

These days, businesses are beginning to prioritize the portability of their equipment almost as much as they prize their performance. The ability of a company to transport a server without delay can give it an edge when it comes to finding or offering dedicated server hosting to customers. This article will review two of the best laptop brands and models of 2011 that make great portable servers: the Acer Aspire and the Asus G Series.

iCloud, Google Music Beta, and Amazon’s Cloud Drive: Which is Best for You?

Apple snatched up much of the buzz in the tech world last week with their roll-out of the iCloud cloud computing service. It was the kind of hype and broad-spectrum “buzz” Google would have liked when it rolled out its Google Music Beta a few weeks ago. Amazon has also been quietly offering a cloud service to its customers for a while longer.


Top 5 Trading Apps for the iPhone

In today’s hi-tech world, you can literally move millions of dollars with the swipe of a finger on your mobile device. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 trading apps for the iPhone.

Designing a website using Turnkey virtual appliance

Aside from death and taxes, there are not a whole lot of universal certainties one can rely on. When it comes to the Internet, however, one thing is for certain: it just gets bigger and bigger every day. As the Internet gets bigger, websites become more and more sophisticated, with complexities that can cause the average web developer premature aging, insanity and other disorders if website development isn’t taken care of properly. Yes, it is that serious. While the 20th century term for occupational madness may have been “going postal,” the new 21th century term should definitely be “going web developer.”


Copying all cells and copying a whole sheet in Excel

While using Excel, you frequently need to move data from one sheet to another or one file to another. You might need to move or copy a portion of data in a sheet to another sheet or copy all cells in a sheet to another. But there is a difference between copying all cells from a sheet to another and copying the sheet itself.

Humans.txt generator

Humans.txt files tell who is behind a website. Humans.txt is a text file stored at the root of your site that contains information on who are behind a website or say who have contributed to the development of a website. As Humans.txt is meant for humans rather than machines, you can write it in almost any format you like. But if you want to do this in an easier way, the humans.txt generator tool can be of use.