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D-Wave sells quantum computer to a high profile client 0

D-Wave sells quantum computer to a high profile client

A Canadian company D-Wave had unveiled what it called a quantum computer that could solve Su-Doku puzzles. But there was lot of skepticism going on because the idea was still in its infant stage. The same company recently announced an imminent sale of its quantum computer to aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, a high profile client.


Unicodinator-A useful Unicode Navigator

Unicodinator is a tool that helps you visually navigate through the Unicode blocks and codepoints as well in the range 0000 through DFFF. You can use the tool to identify a particular Unicode character and Unicode blocks easily.


Zbugs – an online tool to compress your JS and CSS

CSS and JS used on a site considerably increase its size. For sites with very flashy graphics, the CSS and JS files are obviously large sized and therefore may significantly spike up their loading time. Zbugs is an online utility with which you can merge, minify and Gzip compress JS and CSS files.


Fix WordPress comment count error caused by Disqus plugin

With Disqus, you can allow your visitors to easily post comments through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Disqus perfectly syncs with Wordpress comment system and the comment on your database is also synced with Disqus’ server. But with the latest version of Wordpress, Disqus has some issues showing the comment counts for the post. Here is how you can fix comment count error in Wordpress 3.1 when Disqus plugin is used.


Redirect WordPress sitemap from non www to www version without getting stylesheet error

On Wordpress , if you have set the www version as the default canonical URL and have redirected the non-www version to the prior, you’ll get an error saying that the sitemap’s stylesheet is missing. Same is the case if you set non-www as default and redirect the www version to the prior. The sitemap thus won’t load. This can cause a problem while submitting sitemaps to Webmasters or other places if you don’t use the default canonical URL form. Well here is a trick to fix it.

Some Tips for Surfing the Web in the Office 1

Some Tips for Surfing the Web in the Office

Recent reports have shown that the average company employee spends approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes surfing the internet every day. While some managers don’t mind their workers spending some time for themselves, others do not take it as kindly. You can find some tips on surfing web in the office.


Humans.txt tells who is behind a website

What if you want to tell the world who is behind your site? You may say outright that there is already the about page to tell people about who is behind a website. But there are things that may not be suitable to include in the About page and everyone may not be interested in it. So, to tell other humans about who built a website or who is behind it, there is an easy solution: the humans.txt file.


Target your Facebook Posts by location and people

Facebook has added many options to control and filter your friend list, photos, your profile etc. You have lots of options to control your profile’s privacy settings to control the visibility of different sections of your profile. Well now you can also choose who to show your Posts on Facebook. For the pages you admin, you can select the countries and places where people would be able to see a post.